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BlutoSays wrote:Well, your humble opinion is wrong as usual.

You worry about bailing out "banksters", meanwhile your progressive wing of attorney generals bail out murderers, those who commit assault, rapists and other violent criminals within 48 hours.

You import poverty from the border, unchecked as per federal law set by congress, and yet don't even demand vaccinations or proof of such from them, but demand it for the citizenry at the point of threatening the livelihood of those who don't comply.

Don't lecture anyone on voting rights while you mail out unsolicited ballots, hide prefilled ballots under tables and run them through machines again and again, do 3AM ballot dumps and demand that poll observers stand 60 feet away from election counters to "observe". You democrats, enabled by Marc Elais and the Perkins Coie democrat party law firm, successfully went state by state and changed election law in 2019 through the back door with Secretaries of State and judges changing election laws to your favor, rather than the State Legislatures changing election law as per the U.S. Constitution.

Screw your climate change and health care for all narratives. They're all about redistributing income through government forced demand and mandates, where there is no natural demand from the market.

Four more SCOTUS judges to get your way? I think not. But at least you show your iron-fisted tyrannical side yet again.

You are correct - the 17th amendment changed the state legislatures from voting for senators to a popular vote for senators and that was a very bad idea. Why? Because U.S. senators are supposed to represent THEIR individual states on the federal stage on state issues and treaties. The state legislatures knew those issues well, and they voted for their two best people to represent their state on state issues in Washington DC through the federal legislature. With the 17th amendment, the citizenry no longer votes for representation of state issues at the federal level; they vote for a PARTY apparatchik at the federal, just as they do for the House of Representatives. The outcomes have been atrocious with a take it or leave it all party platform (R or D) result on every issue, just as the House of Representatives has. Terrible backward thinking.

You apparently think those are good things. You had no mandate in 2019. In fact, you democrats lost seats in the congress in 2019 elections. Progressives will be punished and you'll be shown the door in November.

No ideas will be "locked in" and no science will be "settled" because you want to stop anyone from questioning your authority. You, Steve_American are as unAmerican as they come.

November will end very well, with you liberals defanged from causing further damage. Rampant inflation, leaving $85 Billion in military hardware to the Taliban (and our nation-state adversaries to capture and reverse engineer that hardware to our detriment), leaving people to be executed in Afghanistan, showing weakness on the international stage which led to the Ukraine situation (and probably Taiwan upcoming also), threatening people to stay quiet by using Covid as an excuse by the administrative state of unelected bureaucrats to silence the populace to comply with your control-freak mandates, rampant censorship of competing ideas, pushing ideological Critical Race Theory in schools rather than educating students in what they need to succeed, violence all over our cities like never before, etc., etc., etc.

Getting you leftists the hell outta Washington can't come quickly enough.

You, Bluto, and I totally disagree.
Your Big lie is backed by very close to absolutely zero evidence that could be admitted in the 60 courts of law where suits were filed in 2020 after the election. Many of the judges had even been appointed by Trump. He lost every single case except one that limited late arriving mail-in ballots to being just 3 days late.

Colo mail a ballot to every registered voter because we decided to do it that way.

Frankly your insult doesn't sting at all. Why? Because I hold such a low opinion of MAGA people.

I hope you are wrong about the next 2 elections. But, I have been disappointed in the American voters' choices since Reagan. So, I will not be surprised either way.

GOP Plans To ‘Take The Next Election Regardless Of Who Wins’ Harvard Constitutional Scholar Says. Just 11.3 min.long.

Widely respected Republican retired Federal Judge J. Michael Luddig and liberal constitutional expert Lawrence Tribe show us again that Repds and Trumpers are intending to steal the 2024 election.
We must not let this happen. Vote in 2022 for Progressives in the Primaries and for the Dem in the General election.

The Repuds must be thrown out on their asses in 2022

Now that the leaked draft of the USSC draft of its ruling on Roe v Wade has come to light, and has shown the total lack of integrity in the Repud Party, I can say again, "American Voters, you have been given fair warning, do not vote for any Repud candidate at any level of gov. for at least the next 5 years.

These 5 Justice all lied to be confirmed. I know it and you know it. If a USSC Justice is willing to lie to you to get raised to a high office, why would not every Repud candidate lie to get elected to heir high office?

I have posted many links to experts who have told you that the Repuds are intending to steal future elections by any means necessary. This includes the state legislatures just throwing out the vote and declaring the loser the winner because of voting fraud for which they have zero evidence that they could use in a court of law. Yes, they have some sort of evidence, but it was so worthless that every court laughed at them for presenting it.

Independents, it is you duty to make the effort to find the facts and then act one them the next several times you can vote in any and all elections. Never stay home.

Dems, you have a duty to go and vote in every election.

If you-all don't di your duty, democracy in the US will end. It is up to you.
Rancid wrote:I think it's too late. MAGA morons will take over and turn the US into a Russia style shit hole.

I hate to say it but I really think the two should not be mutually exclusive. I support both. What you all say about "MAGA morons" are only wrong in their way to interpret and implement the concept.

America (or the Five Eyes) has to be great or the world will all be trampled by Russia and China.
Two more reports about Repud plans to steal the election this year.

Republicans Reportedly Organizing To Disrupt Elections With Poll Watchers, Poll Workers


Tapes Obtained By Politico Reveal GOP Plan To Contest Elections

Yes it is.
Remove the [==] and paste it into your borwser.[==]

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Steve_American wrote:Two more reports about Repud plans to steal the election this year.

Republicans Reportedly Organizing To Disrupt Elections With Poll Watchers, Poll Workers


Tapes Obtained By Politico Reveal GOP Plan To Contest Elections

Yes it is.
Remove the [==] and paste it into your borwser.[==]

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General Sulla has announced that the suspension of elections for the duration of the Proscription will only be a temporary measure until order is restored. General Marius was unavailable for comment. :excited:
When you have a political platform that is unpopular, mostly because it is based on hatred because it has precluded the idea that any positive change is possible, you will correctly recognize that democracy is an obstacle that must be overcome to seize political power.

Sorry. I mean, hurr durr HUNTER'S LAPTOP Burisma Chinese bamboo ballots.
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