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Should a man be punished for rape when the only evidence is the testimony of the accuser?

Yes, if a woman claims he raped her we should totally believe her
It depends. I would have to hear/see the testimony of the woman, and use my intuition
The man should only be punished with a few years in prison, because he might be innocent
No, the testimony of the alleged victim should not be enough evidence to convict a man of rape
The only people women should genuinely fear are those men who openly declare 'believe all women'. Clearly a rapey simp on the prowl for fresh meat. No honest person would cling to such an absolute, myopic, asinine statement. Only predators that seek to deceive, infiltrate and subsequently rape are your faithful, automatic 'allies'. Honest men (and women) employ some fucking nuance.
The instances of fake charges for sexual assault are the same as fake charges for ANY criminal offense. Do you apply the same logic to when a man makes an allegation?

Igor Antunov wrote:The only people women should genuinely fear are those men who openly declare 'believe all women'.
No. It's rapists who should fear rape charges. No one else should, and does.

I chose Option 1 ONLY because the other choices were biased against women. That's it. Had there been an OTHER, I would have used that option(a norm for MOST polls where they are actually wanting a true poll, and aren't pushing an agenda).

@Puffer Fish You are not interested in the actual law, but in making it so rapists can get away with rape. You have shown this tendency in the last few threads where you're defending rapists. :knife:
Godstud wrote:You add in caveats like:

and use my intuition

The woman is put on the witness stand and says that she was violated.

Well what else are you going to use to try to determine whether she is telling the truth???

You think that option is biasedly worded because it used the word intuition?

If you don't think the woman should always automatically be believed, but you believe sometimes her testimony alone is adequate evidence, then what else are you using to decide whether to believe her? Tell us that.

We are talking about situations where there is no other additional evidence (it says that in the opening post).
Unthinking Majority wrote:Since I do everything in my power to be considerate and respectful to the women I have had romantic relations with, not to mention all the women in general that I know, I don't have any fear of false accusations.
Right, and most men(who aren't rapists), don't have problems, because they are considerate and respectful.

The men I know are not living in fear of rape because they too, aren't pieces of shit who mistreat women and disrespect them.

If you find that the threat of a false rape accusation is making you fearful, then perhaps you should step back and take a good long look at your attitudes and behavior. You can change those.
Puffer Fish wrote:Put men in prison based only on the word of a woman?

I think you will find most criminal convictions are decided based on circumstantial evidence, so why not?


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