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Drlee wrote:Oh give me a break. Do you really want to be taken seriously? Youa re asserting that the US would bomb Germany? Get a grip.

Who talked about bombing Germany ?!? Nord Stream 2 is in the North Sea.

Its still a huge insult to Germany.

Drlee wrote: Russia attacked it previous to this.

Except they didnt. Russian forced had been already stationed in Crimea, by contract with Ukraine for a military outpost there. None "invaded" as our useless press claimed and couldnt prove at all, since it didnt happen.

And the act by which Crimea joined Russia was a referendum with over 90% agreement. Its pretty unlikely that such a result can be faked.

Rancid wrote:I wonder what the world would be like if we spend 25% of GDP on military. :eek:

For starters you would need the soldiers to run all that stuff.
Negotiator wrote:For starters you would need the soldiers to run all that stuff.

Back in the ancient Roman Republic, every citizen was a soldier. The Roman army was only professionalised by the Marian reforms, and was greatly reduced in size by Augustus. Before then, everybody was a soldier. It was a different world, @Negotiator.
The connection between the CEO of Nord Stream , Matthias Warnig and Putin goes beyond mere business . He and Putin had been friends and colleagues from way back in the days of the German Democratic Republic, where Warnig had been a Stasi officer. Later on, after the fall of the Soviet Bloc, Putin even sent his daughters to stay in Germany with him. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/13/russia-putin-german-right-hand-man-matthias-warnig , https://amp.dw.com/en/who-is-nord-streams-matthias-warnig-putins-friend-from-east-germany/a-56328159

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