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In Mainstream Economic theory the only way to fight inflation is to cause a recession to hurt poor people by making some of them or their relatives unemployed. Why is this the case? Is it because hurting the rich is not allowed.

But, the rich can almost never be badly hurt, while the poor can easily be badly hurt.

The Christian way to fight inflation would be to cut the income of the rich rather than the poor, right?

The US and most advanced nations have the happy ability to always be able to feed and house all their people. They can buy food from the rest of the world.
. . . Therefore, food and housing can always be provided in terms of real food or real housing units. The only problem is how to do with financially. If hurting the rich a little is on the table, a rent freeze is not off the table. As for food, providing money with US deficit spending for food aid of some sort will keep the people from stunting their kids' growth, etc. Food stamp cards for many more for example.

This money paid to food stores to pay the higher priced will come from deficit spending, and it will go to buy food from American and foreign producers. This should not cause inflation to increase as long as there is enough food to be bought from somewhere with those dollars. Only if there is not enough food in the worldwide market place will there be inflation as the price of food is bid up and up. [Here I'm assuming few supply chain problems, but more money should help with such things.

Again, I point out the fact that this is not good for the poor of the non-advanced nations. You will have to decide where your morals come down on this situation.

Another way to solve the food and housing problem would be to have a graduated tax on income from owning many housing units. The top rate could be 90%.
Also, a graduated tax on corp revenues, not profits. Or, it might be on revenues less wages paid to Americans, buy not any other expense. The top rate could be around 50%. The intent is to break up the huge corps into many competing corps. This would make the market more efficient because MS Econ. Theory assumes perfect competition, so this would get the market closer to that state. what corp would like to pay 50% of its revenues in taxes, when its competitors only pay 30% of their revenues?

All this is PIE IN THE SKY, until the political power of the corps is broken by the political will of the mass of the people.

BlutoSays wrote:The secret republican plot to make democrats look like idiots, known as "Operation Let them Speak" is working.

Guys and gals, I stumped Bluto.

He could not find a meme to post in reply to me.

However, it seems like the Repuds are projecting again. They are the ones who utter nonsensical BS every time they talk. Watch Herschel Walker try to say something sensical to see what I mean.

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