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Women who have sexual intercourse with men end up carrying their DNA inside their bodies, affecting their whole immune system as well as bone marrow. But it doesn't stop there because your future kids will carry the DNA of your wive's previous sexual partners as well.

Men can also be such carriers, albeit it is only typically passed from mother to son or by blood transfusion.

Does this serve to diversify the genetic pool and help prevent inbreeding frailties in small isolated populations? Or is it detrimental long term due to the effects of miscegenation leading to mutts that don't adequately identify with their peers? Eg. this phenomenon is less common in homogeneous patriarchal societies (eg east asia) and more common in matriarchal societies (eg. Africa.) Has this affected the viability of such populations in terms of long term development? Note that most European societies were also highly homogeneous prior to the 1960's.

What I'm getting at is definitely political. Civilizations benefit from interacting, the periphery between different cultures is the hotbed of conflict, idea transfer and ultimately new technologies. But do their benefit from mixing?



late wrote:You have that backwards, and gals don't subscribe to it.

Look at it this way, you're just a tool genes use to keep dna moving.

Sorry, I meant to say ‘you guys’…I was just clarifying if the posters actually believed what Igor wrote.

Apparently you all do, and why wouldn’t you , especially if you’re men :lol:
I'm more interested in the macro aspects of this on a societal/development level. Don't care about the gender issues. All signs point to more promiscuous societies (men and women included) being less developed/sucking balls. Maybe this is why...homogeneity is useful if you seek to build social harmony and stability, key ingredients when it comes to development.
Aww, Igor makes many valid points. I just don’t agree with the scientificity of the claim . Why won’t spell check let me use scientificity without the red line? Is it not a word?

Hey unless it is true? Then who knew we were permanent DNA repositories…they don’t teach you that in high school :|

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