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Let me start with Battlestar Galactica.

I own the first season, but as you prob know, the show is resolutely grim. I never bought the second season, but my mood is different now.

Grim fits our time.

The show is a list of superlatives. The picture quality is as good as tv gets. The sound quality may be the best I've ever heard from a tv show. The writing is good. I'm a fan of Edward James Olmos, he's a good actor, and overall, the acting is pretty good.

Something to consider.

I'll prob add some more to the list later, what's your pick for a good show to watch while hiding from the world?
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Im a simple man.... Tough times = Inspiring Religious movies.....

Jesus of Nazareth (6-hours, stellar cast and 100% free to watch)

And since I like Jews generally too here's two instant classic Hasidic Jewish shows both on Netflix, both starring Shira Haas:

Watching Better call Saul. Debating whether to alternate Breaking Bad in between episodes. I've only seen a few random episodes of Breaking Bad, but there's supposed to be plot continuity between the two series.
If you have kept this long without watching Breaking Bad, I might watch Better Call Saul until its end (only one more season to go), then watch Breaking Bad as Better Call Saul is a prequel. I personally like Better Call Saul more, although its pacing is slower than Breaking Bad, but both are great.
Bosch season 6
Fauda season 3
The three Chicagos (fire, med and PD)
Better call Saul
The Resident
New Amsterdam

I have to catch up on The Expanse, Poldark, Guyane, and others.

The problem is, my family members do not give me enough time to watch in the afternoons (we are playing UNO and poker and blackjack) and evenings.
I do not watch in the mornings (I play eight ball pool multiplayer online) and I go to bed early.
Billions: Star Trek on Wall Street

Gene Roddenberry originally pitched Star Trek as “Wagon Train to the Stars” to network executives, playing on the reputation of the popular western. As I begin watching season 4 of Billions on DVDs from the library, I wondered if the producers pitched it as “Star Trek on Wall Street.”

Bobby Axelrod is Captain Kirk at the helm of the USS Free Enterprise, boldly going where no hedge fund has gone before. His white, bright modern office conjures the film bridge design of the Star Trek 2009 reboot.

The non-binary Taylor is Spock/Data, a character that takes a dark turn in Season 3. The company therapist, Wendy Rhoades, is Counselor Troi. Mike ‘Wags’ Wagner, Axelrod’s Number 2, is no Riker. He is gruff, loveable, and sassy, like Bones, with a bit of Q mischief.

The enemy, U.S. District Attorney Chuck Rhoades, is part of a team of bickering Star Fleet bureaucrats out to punish Axelrod for violating the Prime Directive: insider trading.
Here's some superb shows you prob never heard of, and can't find.

Piece of Cake: drama that follows a Spit squad from before the war to the Battle of Britain. Some experienced pilots went up several times in the peak day of the Battle of Britain. Combat in a Spit was taxing, in addition to everything else, the rudder was turned by twisting your wrist. Spit pilots must have had forearms like old time sailors, huge.

Anyway, a new pilot shows up (a lot of new pilots died that day) and asks the commander how it is. The commander is leaning against his plane, exhausted. But he gives him that classic Brit understatement and says "Piece of Cake". The book is even better.

The Almighty Johnsons is the only good tv show New Zealand has given the world. We watch it a couple times a year. Region 1 discs are OOP. Hope your player can handle Region 2.

Darling Buds of May was Catherine Zeta-Jones' first job. You could make an argument that, at that time, she was the most beautiful babe alive. Show's damn good, too. It takes place in the 1950s, after their empire had collapsed. Incomes got cut in half, everybody was miserable. But not this farmer who bent most of the rules he came across. After Catherine Zeta-Jones seduced and married the tax man, the government gave up. Some shows are a 'slice of life'; this one's at least 3 slices.

I stopped watching the tv version of The Expanse. The book is ten times better.

There are a lot of shows I liked, but no idea if you would. Like The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. But if you can, watch the first episode, in a addition to seeing if you like it, it introduces a character called Pistol Pete. He's watching a saloon hall painter paint a big boulder that has been rolled onto the train tracks. Pete is watching the guy and goes into a rant about how "I do not hold with these French painters and their bold strokes of color." Of course, someone like Pete, in real life, wouldn't have been able to read, couldn't have known what Impressionists in Europe were doing, at the time. But somehow it works, sometimes I'll play that disc just to see the rant.

Oh, the original, British, House of Cards is a delight, never could get into the American version.
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