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Squeaky wheels also get replaced when people get tired of hearing those squeaky wheels. I am not going to put up with somebody dumping their issues in my space. They need to take that shit someplace else or to people who can actually address their problems. Otherwise, I am just going to give them the boot because I am just not going to tolerate it.
Politics_Observer wrote:@Patrickov

@Tainari88 can be cool sometimes. I don't agree with her on everything. I get she has a different point of view. But on the same token, I can't solve her problems for her insomuch as whatever disagreements she has with the U.S. government. That's not my responsibility nor is it in my power. Moreover, a lot of Puerto Ricans I have spoken to simply don't agree with her. They are just as Puerto Rican as she is. Lastly, instead of constantly complaining to me about whatever problems she has with the U.S. Government, which I can do nothing about, she should take that energy and talk or write to members of Congress and lobby Congress who can do something about whatever problems she has.

Aside from that, she will also have to get her fellow Puerto Ricans to agree with her point of view, which, many Puerto Ricans I have spoken to, simply do not agree with her. The fact of the matter is, if she can't get most of her fellow Puerto Ricans to agree with her, then she is going to have a much more difficult time making her case to members of Congress. But I can't do anything about this. I am not a Puerto Rican and this is something that Puerto Ricans have to figure out among themselves and come to a consensus on and then make a case to people who can do something about it: Congress.

I am not here in this forum over getting Americans to agree with me about Puerto Rico. This is an international politics forum. My purpose is to just expose readers and members of this site to the problems regarding Puerto Rico. You assume I don't have involvement in Puerto Rico with Puerto Ricans. I used to be a moderator on I am always coping with my fellow Puerto Ricans Politics Observer. I speak to Ricans every single day. There has been a shift away from the US ruling us. It is getting increasingly untenable. But Puerto Ricans very much have the escape valve of the USA states to find work and survive. Many do that. Do they prefer that over staying on the island and living with their friends and family? No. They don't. Would they return to the island if they could find work, have low crime rates, have responsive government that meets their needs and not some corrupt conservative ass fools like the PNP party or the status quo never get anything accomplished PPD party? Certainly.

But? The reality is that people are in survival mode in the USA and they don't have any time left over for a lot of political activism. The pandemic took up a lot of energy. But the reality is that Puerto Rico's independence movement will grow. It just did. The lowest point was 2.5% and you need at least 5% to keep the option open on the ballot. The last elections that jumped to 14.5% That is a huge jump. Mostly because of Victoria or Accion Ciudadana. The party with Alexandra Lugaro as the head. She is an atheist to boot. Something unheard of in Puerto Rican political life. Usually our highly religious nation and Christian nations would never vote for an atheist candidate. That has changed. Why? People on the island are getting very fed up with the two incompetent parties. But? The USA has refused to allow us to get rid of the bank panel that is unelected and due to the corruption of the pro-statehood party and little Ricky asshole man....not doing anything right...and the banks requiring us to close down our schools, hike tuition at the University of Puerto Rico, and having 90 something billion in debt? Not having hurricane relief funds coming in adequately to address the massive need for rebuilding the country, and many other issues like clean water, and modernized electrical grids, and paved over repaired roads, etc. They are sick and tired of damn excuses from the DC crowd and the local corrupt lackeys who are ALL pro statehood conservative incompetents. That is the current situation.

The PPD wants a new colonial deal. More autonomy, get rid of Jones Act, and get more abilities to trade with foreign countries freely and a path to eventual break from the USA mainland. They don't spell it out that way but that is what the traditional PPD has always advocated. That the people in the USA don't know that between the PPD and the PIP parties? The majority of Puerto Ricans are against statehood. Let me repeat that for you Politics. Currently the majority of Puerto Ricans are against the statehood option. It is either an enhanced colonial status with the PPD or independence together that makes for majority voters there. Not statehooders.

The US congress also has Puerto Rican background people in there. All of them are not backing statehood. Either. So I am not some lonely ole bitch in politics by myself talking to the wind Politics. Not by a long shot.

Sonia Sotomayor is a Chief Justice of the USA there in the SCOTUS. I think her roots are in the PPD. She is not pro statehood either. I read all her opinions on Puerto Rico (she is a legal expert). She judges that the situation is not ideal. Ever. But? she is not conservative. She is liberal. The common ground in the middle status is what many compromise with to avoid conflict and bloodshed with a nation that is much more powerful and aggressive with dissent from small islands. It makes sense her decision.

Her dissenting opinion on a SCOTUS case involving Puerto Rico is interesting. Gorsuch's is too. But the ones who were not Puerto Rican backed the same old codes from 1901 and so on stating racist reasons for creating unfair citizenship @Politics_Observer. Nothing changes.

Nothing changes. But the Puerto Ricans who do go for independence is growing after many generations of being jailed, repressed, shot and killed and basically stripped of the ability to have power of any significant kind.

Most of the Puerto Ricans who are part of the pro independence parties tend to be highly educated people Politics. Engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, and writers, senators, artists of all sorts, singers, etc. Why? The poor on the island were told by the PNP party for many decades since 1968 forward that statehood is for the poor. More food stamps and more free housing, and more free everything, more stability, more benefits for social security and more etc gov't funding. The poor thought that was a secure future. So they voted for that party. Over time? The promised becoming a state never is materializing. Mostly because the US doesn't want a change in status. They are happy with gouging us with the Jones act, and with triple type of taxes. We are taxed indeed it is all taxes hidden in the local taxes imposed by the ones who do the US government bidding here, the two major parties. So? You don't hear about it in the USA media. IT exists.

The latest newcomers are the ones who want to live in Puerto Rico six months or so out of the year and never pay federal taxes or almost none on capital gains and etc. The crypto currency millionaires. They want to live tax free. They are not interested in the old Spanish speaking culture from 1493-2022. They are not interested in the African influences and our day of freedom from slavery celebrated every March 22nd. The USA never had an emancipation of the slaves official holiday in their country because the Southern states prohibited it. It was offensive to celebrate their defeat of their slavery system by the carpetbagging Yanks who changed their way of life.

We always thought slavery SUCKED. So the day is celebrated with us. Our freedom day for slavery ending.

There are differences between the two nations. Part of independence is about seeking our own path. Because the USA came in 19th century. Not the 15th. They missed the first 400 and something years of our history. And thought they could erase it all in one century. They could not. So now? You either respond as a civilized and democracy loving nation as you claim to be? Or you become the old British Empire that you fled yourselves in 1776. The one that would not let you make your own decisions.

That is the end of my speech. I am going out to breakfast with my boy. He is hungry. And that can not wait eh?
There was a window of opportunity for Taiwan, but Jiang's KMT was too stubborn to take it. In 1972 Nixon opened relations with the peoples republic and gave them their UNSC seat. At the same time, they offered to recognize Taiwanese independence and give Taiwan a UN seat in the GA. The PRC government agreed with this deal - Taiwan refused it. :lol:

Now it's impossible. The CPC will kick the can down the road indefinately as long as it can, and isn't forced into a reaction by the US. Domestically, there is no way they can't respond to a Taiwanese declaration of independence. It's like expecting Bush not to get involved in Afghanistan after 9/11. Was it a stupid and wasteful policy decision? Of course - but the political considerations simply don't permit China to ignore the US stationing troops there or a declaration of independence. China, and most Taiwanese, realizes this, and are perfectly content to keep the status quo.
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Fasces wrote:There was a window of opportunity for Taiwan, but Jiang's KMT was too stubborn to take it. In 1972 Nixon opened relations with the peoples republic and gave them their UNSC seat. At the same time, they offered to recognize Taiwanese independence and give Taiwan a UN seat in the GA. The PRC government agreed with this deal - Taiwan refused it. :lol:

Interesting historical point. I agree it's ironic.
Fasces wrote:The CPC will kick the can down the road indefinately as long as it can, and isn't forced into a reaction by the US. Domestically, there is no way they can't respond to a Taiwanese declaration of independence...

Do you predict that the condition "as long as it can", can only be broken by the US or Taiwan?
Fasces wrote:In current conditions, yes - who knows what some guy will do in twenty years after the current crop of CPC leaders.

Actually Xi does look like "some guy in twenty years after 'the current crop of CCP leaders'".

I personally think only Deng Xiaoping ever qualified as a true leader of China after 1949. Jiang and Hu were (somewhat capable) custodians.
Rakshasa wrote:Politics_Observer do you prefer men who can play....



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