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Sandzak wrote:@Independent_Srpska I do not know how mucht the Apartheid was official or unoficial. I know also a guy who served in a serb Paramilitary unit until the NATO begun bombing, he told me proudly about nigthly raids.

Forbidding the Albanian language and segregation at schools I know from friends.

Monte Negro got with 55% of votes the independence.

Oh, please, cut that Muslim secessionist crap.

You started the war by killing civilians ,because there were no other ways for you to grab a piece of Yugoslavian territory. It is simply as that - your leader openly called that politics of yours:"Sacrifice of peace for independency".

There were no apartheid in Yugoslavia, on the contrary. You, Hitler's servants, had all rights like victims of your centurial crimes and collaboration with all genocidal occupiers of the Balkans..

Further on, the warmongering referendum in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held without decision of relevant bodies, against the constitution of Yugoslavia, basically it was organized by a group of individuals, it was illegal and it failed , since the turnout was less than 66.7%.

However, we still could avoid the war only if your, secessionists' greed was reasonable and you accepted the logic if you do not want to live in Yugoslavia you can't prevent Serbs from staying in Yugoslavia.
Happy Independence Day!

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