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Summary: Creepy older white man preyed on younger teen black guy, lured him with fake online dating profile, black guy was already high on marijuana but white man gave him even more marijuana, to be able to have more control over him. White "trans" guy was disguised as female with plenty of make up to make him look much younger than he actually was. Black teen was intoxicated and very horny, part of the reason he did not immediately see through disguise or use better judgement. White man sucks him off. At some point the pants of white man come off. Black teen immediately realizes the person who sucked him off is not what "she" appears. Is outraged, and in his intoxicated state, stomps the white man to death.

Virginia Tech football player accused of killing Tinder match after discovering his date was a man
https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/vi ... tp&pc=U531

It's bound to happen from time to time when trannies "surprise someone". Must have been a good makeup job though.

A suspended Virginia Tech football player punched and stomped his Tinder match to death after learning the person was a man, according to prosecutors. Isimemen Etute, 18, of Virginia Beach, was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Jerry Smith in Blacksburg, where Virginia Tech is located, police said earlier this month. Smith, 40, died of blunt force injuries to the head, according to the Roanoke Medical Examiner’s Office.​

The killer was an 18-year-old Black guy. And Ewww... look at the picture of that creepy older white guy.
It's almost difficult to believe the white guy was able to trick the black guy into wanting to hook up with him.

I'd imagine that black guy was just really horny and wasn't very picky... and he was probably deceived by the picture too.
But then he was already there, and thought he might as well go through with it, at this point still thinking it was a woman.

It's totally understandable why that black guy would be angry.

I personally think the killer here should be given tons of mercy by the court.

"Transgender women" (or men who try to pass themselves off as women) should know this type of thing is totally not right. They better be honest with their would-be partner before any sexual activity commences.

My perspective on this:

Leading someone to have sex while deceiving them about the relevant details/nature of that sex can be seen as a crime in several countries like Sweden.
We've had several discussions about that sort of thing in this forum.

In my opinion, what happened here was like a form of rape. (albeit a very low degree of rape)

That older man took advantage of the much younger black teen, deceiving him and misleading him about his true gender. (This ended up causing the black teen severe emotional distress, obviously)

I also suspect the black guy was probably high on weed at the time, which would explain his judgement and perceptions being impaired.

In a way this is kind of analogous to a man taking advantage of a naive teen girl at a party after she has drunk too much alcohol and become intoxicated.

This will likely not be obvious to most people reading this, but I think this type of story can illustrate some clear double standards the society has.
We don't feel sorry for the guy because he is a guy, and the deception was about gender. (since there's this prevailing belief in society now that gender doesn't matter, and is almost irrelevant)
If it had been an 18-year-old girl and it had been a man who had taken advantage of her, and it had been some different sexual issue he had deceived her about, most people would be having a very different view on this.

Apparently the black guy was deceived. I know it's very hard to imagine how that could have been, looking at those pictures, but like I explained there were probably a couple of factors. The black guy was very horny that night, probably wasn't feeling very selective about what the woman looked like. The black guy may have been very high on weed, affecting his judgement and altering his perceptions. The picture the older man used was very misleading, and probably made him look much more like a passably attractive female than he did in real life. That could explain why the younger black guy went to the trouble of going to the other man's house to begin with.
The sexual encounter began, of course, with a blow job. As things progressed, apparently at some point the black guy realized there was "something else down there" on this woman he had come over to have sex with.

From the picture, the younger black guy looks like he would be considered sexually attractive to many females... or those passing themselves off as females.

Tinder is not a site for gay people, or those interested in trannies and femboys.
Putting up a dating (more like hook-up for casual sex) profile there was deceptive.

The black guy may have consented to sex, but he did not consent to have sex a man.
It was not informed consent. The sex was obtained through deception and fraud.

It was a sexual violation.

That type of thing can cause severe psychological distress and harm to a young person.

Some of you in this forum have said that sex obtained through deceit is not consent, and constitutes rape. If that is true, then this was a case of rape.

And now the conclusion to the story: The jury decided to vote NOT GUILTY!
Probably the decision was made more for racial politics reasons, but even a broken clock can be right twice a day, in my opinion.

Former Virginia Tech football player Isimemen Etute found not guilty in death of Blacksburg man
https://www.espn.com/college-football/s ... ksburg-man

Christiansburg, VA -
Former Virginia Tech football player Isimemen Etute was found not guilty of all charges Friday in the beating death of a Blacksburg resident following an online catfishing scheme.

Etute, a Virginia Tech freshman linebacker at the time of the incident in May 2021, had been charged with second-degree murder, which carries a sentence of five to 40 years, and the jury could have convicted him on the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. Instead, the jury believed a self-defense argument that Etute feared for his life after seeing the victim "make a reach" toward his bed where a knife was later found.

During testimony Thursday, Etute said he entered Smith's apartment alone -- both teammates waited outside and were not charged with a crime -- and engaged with Smith on a bed. Etute said he "felt around" and used his cell phone's flashlight to determine Smith was not a woman. Upon confronting Smith, Etute testified that Smith grabbed at Etute's genitals, causing Etute to strike Smith in the face with the back of his hand. Etute testified that he then believed Smith reached for a weapon under his bed, causing Etute to strike Smith with a fist several more times.

During a police search of the apartment, a knife was found between Smith's mattress and box spring, but Etute testified he never saw the knife, and he did not mention any concerns for his own safety during his initial police interview on June 2, 2021.

Glad there won't be another black guy needlessly going the prison.

In my opinion it is not so much his fault, since he was lured, preyed on, violated, surprised, and the predator knew he was high/intoxicated but gave him even more drugs, and the young naive black teen was not completely in control of his emotions or actions due to the influence of the drugs. The predator probably wanted him to be intoxicated to make it harder to realize the deception.

Obviously the decision to find him not guilty was controversial and I am sure most of you in this forum will disagree (since you're all on the Progressive Left and are unable to see things through a Conservative Right perspective).

Since many of you do not come from America, I can inform you that if you selected 12 random black men in the US and put them on a jury, they would also have come to the same conclusion as this jury.
Being tricked about this sort of thing is seen as a major offense in African American culture, and a violent response is often seen as justified. They would not want yet another young black guy to go to prison for the sake of a perverted older white guy who was a perpetrator and was responsible for creating that situation.
And he was acquitted. There’s no way a jury of any man’s peers would ever convict him of murder because it’s a man’s world :lol: Don’t get me wrong, I love men and will defend them with my last breath, but it’s amusing to see you as victims of sexual crimes now and how you’re dealing with it :lol:

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