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Peter Zeihan talks at length on his projections for the future. He gets some things wrong, but it's very interesting. His errors are => he assumes climate change will not be much of a problem for the next 40 years, and he believes in neo-liberal economic theories, so for example he doesn't understand that financial capital can be created by banks out of thin air without much of a limit.

At one point he seems to call for economists to be creating a new economic theory that assumes no population growth or GDP growth for decades. No population growth because demographic numbers are already set by births falling over the last 25 years, and he projects will not increase if any for the next 25 years. I'm adding GDP there out of hope. I'm not sure that that is Peters hope, but I see that on a finite Earth, we can't keep doubling the GDP each 24 years for much longer.

Among startling projections he predicts that China and Russia will see their populations decline as they age and enough babies will not be born to sustain things.

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