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Tainari88 wrote:
I am now in Colorado USA at the YMCA watching my son play basketball. Does that make me qualified to comment now you fool? because I crossed the border.

Lol. You are really dumb. :lol:

Human rights. They need them in the USA and in other countries. Especially from the ones too scared to talk about black people and identify them as racists nincompoops.

The liberals got you brainwashed. You are scared. It is bad.

I live in Mexico. I live in Colorado. What if I live in some other country and then you get confused....because you never live free. You won't live with any sense of values worth anything Scamps.

Pack it up. You are stuck with only one track mind mentality and the liberals are in control of your hiding and worrying about saying some racist shit. Let it out. Its ok. :D

Uncultured people like @Scamp just assume dumb shit. ;)
He was on fire. Did a bunch of lay ups and three pointers. His team won by a 20 point margin. My little son sure was cheering the big brother on.

This means he will want to eat three plates of food I cook.

I don't know who he is. He gets on an international politics forum and thinks that everyone here is in the USA and is living the conservative bullshit he is into day and night. I have no idea about what scampy man thinks.

It is not my thing. :lol:

The USA has a lot of liberals, and a lot of people from every walk of life.

It is stupid to assume I represent Mexico. It is like screaming about Boris Johnson and British citizens and you are talking to a dude from Connecticut or Georgia. Why scream about the UK to a guy from Georgia? It means he doesn't know the difference between Puerto Rico or Mexico. It is all a jumble in his ignorant mind. :lol: ;)
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