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Scamp wrote:
https://thehill.com/opinion/congress-bl ... -wall/amp/
"On Monday, June 13, the first crack appeared in the otherwise cohesive wall of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol. The fissure opened when committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) told reporters after that day’s hearing that the committee would not be making any criminal referrals to the Justice Department of former President Donald J. Trump or anyone else."

What about Eastman -- ?

"So John Eastman knew that his coup plan violated the law, emailed something to Pence's team even after the riot saying, 'You know what—in for a penny, in for a pound,'" he said. "We already violated the law, so why don't we violate one little additional provision so we can install Donald Trump unconstitutionally for a second term."

https://www.newsweek.com/eastman-headed ... er-1717136
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By Saeko
Unthinking Majority wrote:What is a charge that they could get Trump on? What are the Dems pushing for?

Seditious conspiracy. Have you been living under a rock for the last two years?


Main article: 2015 FIFA corruption case

Fourteen defendants affiliated with FIFA were indicted under the RICO act on 47 counts for "racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies, among other offenses, in connection with the defendants' participation in a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves through the corruption of international soccer". The defendants include many current and former high-ranking officers of FIFA and its affiliate CONCACAF. The defendants had allegedly used the enterprise as a front to collect millions of dollars in bribes, which may have influenced Russia and Qatar's winning bids to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and 2022, respectively.[56]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racketeer ... s_Act#FIFA


Los Angeles Police Department

In April 2000, federal judge William J. Rea in Los Angeles, ruling in one Rampart scandal case, said that the plaintiffs could pursue RICO claims against the LAPD, an unprecedented finding. In July 2001, US District Judge Gary A. Feess said that the plaintiffs did not have standing to sue the LAPD under RICO, because they were alleging personal injuries rather than economic or property damage.[34]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racketeer ... Department
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