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jimjam wrote:Obese Donald's raids on the US treasury resulted in $7,800,000,000,000 in additional debt for the US.

Who cares? The debt could never be repaid when it was $20B. Now it's over $30B, and still can never be repaid. It must be rolled over forever or transferred to the Fed.

My problem with Trumps money giveaways is who he chose to give the money to. That is, tax cuts for the rich and stimulus money of over 50% for the rich and their corps. That the 1% got as much as the other 99%. So, each one got on average 100 times more. [A very rough calculation based on my memory of totals.]

Lower lower lower....

OIL MARKET: According to preliminary DoE data, the US released 6.9 million barrels of crude from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve last week (~985,000 b/d).

The latest weekly release has pushed the SPR below the 500 million barrels mark for the first time since 1986 | #OOTT


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