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QatzelOk wrote:I remember the anti-car morons in the 1960s. They just didn't want to hear about the science of traffic flux and carburator advances.

Now we're addicted to cars, of course, so their criticisms seem moot.

Of course, we've lost our communities (and we might lose our natural immunity and health) but that's progress for ya!

How is this an argument against vaccines?
Godstud wrote:@QatzelOk Vaccines are not cars

Marketing is marketing.

The people who forced us to drive cars really didn't care about what this did to our families, our communities, or our environment.

The same people are now selling vaccines "for all that ales ya!"

idiot... fool...

Citations are required to prove this.
Rancid wrote:How is this an argument against vaccines?

The place you live in Texas is a dysfunctional, ugly place, full of anti-socialized dummies.
And it got that way by listening to car propaganda.

And it appears that you're not through with destroying yourself and your community: Big Pharma has some huge propaganda for you. And you will destroy something else that you didn't realize you had based on their lies as well. They have the money to censor any resistance you might have had.

Then the Arms Dealer have some lies for you so that you'll destroy some other aspect of your quality of life. And they'll get rich beyond their wildest dreams, just like Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Auto.

Just keep following their trends and staring at their lies.

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