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Fasces wrote:I agree. Before we bomb Iraq next time, we should poll the Iraqis on whether or not they consent.

There were polls afterward:

Q8. From today’s perspective and all things considered, was it absolutely right, somewhat
right, somewhat wrong, or absolutely wrong that US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq in
spring 2003?

Feb09 Mar08 Aug07 Feb07 2005 2004
% % % % % %
Absolutely Right 19 21 12 22 19 20
Somewhat Right 23 28 25 25 28 29
Somewhat Wrong 28 23 28 19 17 13
Absolutely Wrong 28 27 35 34 33 26
Refused/don’t know 2 - - - 4 13 ... eb2009.pdf

QatzelOk wrote:Neither of these statements is based on facts or logic. They are both current Western memes.

"Nobody wants to be an ugly THEM, and everyone wants to be a beautiful US."

Surveys are absolutely clear on that. It's not even close.
QatzelOk wrote:And to talk about genocide, you have to remember that most of the anglosphere was created by genocide. That's how it rolls.

And the Anglosphere has repented from it, which is why others wanting to replicate them are automatically wrong.

You are a serf of anti-Anglosphere totalitarian states (i.e. Russia and China),
just like Igor Antunov, Independent_Srpska, Rakshasa, ingliz, etc. before you.

If you become a victim of a future genocide (unlikely to happen, unfortunately), it's a result from your choice.
QatzelOk wrote:Neither of these statements is based on facts or logic. They are both current Western memes.

"Nobody wants to be an ugly THEM, and everyone wants to be a beautiful US."

And to talk about genocide, you have to remember that most of the anglosphere was created by genocide. That's how it rolls.

Your perception of "what other countries want" is usually followed by hundreds of pictures of full toilet bowls that haven't been cleaned.

Perhaps it's time to clean the war propaganda out of our media toilets?

Look at any survey for those countries from any source. Even Chinese and Russian heavily controlled and biased sources acknowledge this.
This is interesting. War-game simulation of the conflict between China and USA over Taiwan.
Set in 2026. ... os6&page=2

WASHINGTON—In the first three weeks after invading Taiwan, China sank two multibillion-dollar U.S. aircraft carriers, attacked American bases across Japan and on Guam, and destroyed hundreds of advanced U.S. jet fighters.

China’s situation was, if anything, worse. It landed troops on Taiwan and seized the island’s southern third, but its amphibious fleet was decimated by relentless U.S. and Japanese missile and submarine attacks and it couldn’t resupply its own forces. The capital, Taipei, was secure in Taiwanese hands, and Beijing was low on long-range ballistic missiles to counter America’s still-potent air and maritime power.
The average depth is only 40m. They gonna do it Taiwan bros, we got too puppety.

Sandzak wrote:Nancy Pelosi has more balls then the man in US elite. She should run for president.

I take it is your NPC demographic she was targeting with her self serving stunt. If she had balls she wouldn't have snuck in via the back route and stayed for a few hours.
It looks like the US is going to "let" China take Taiwan. Why do you think we are moving chip production home?

Taiwan has always seemed a bit if a joke to me, especially now that China has become just like the US. It is no longer a communist country by any stretch of the imagination.

I will likely not be around to see it but in 50 years China will have effectively absorbed all of the region into its sphere of influence. I suspect they will even eventually absorb NZ and OZ. It is inevitable. If the US survives as a single nation I imagine that it will absorb South America and the EU will absorb Russia. I'm thinking that Africa is going to pretty much be a Chinese "protectorate".
KYODONEWS wrote:China's Xi eyes 1st in-person summit with Biden in Nov. in Asia: WSJ

Chinese officials are making plans for President Xi Jinping's first face-to-face summit with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden on the fringes of meetings to be held in Southeast Asia in November, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing people familiar with the preparations.

The report emerged as tensions between the two countries tick up over Taiwan following U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the self-ruled island earlier this month. It was the first such visit by a House speaker in 25 years as Pelosi aimed to show support for Taiwan, which Beijing views as its own.

White House coordinator for the Indo-Pacific Kurt Campbell told reporters the same day that Biden and Xi had discussed a possible in-person meeting during their recent call, but added, "We don't have anything further in terms of details on time or location."

He also indicated that the Taiwan situation will remain a source of concern for the United States, warning that China is using Pelosi's visit as a pretext to "launch an intensified pressure campaign against Taiwan" that is expected to "continue to unfold in the coming weeks and months."

"The goal of this campaign is clear -- to intimidate and coerce Taiwan and undermine its resilience," the official said.

Viewing Pelosi's visit as an act that undermines its sovereignty, China has been furious over the move, responding by holding large-scale military drills in areas encircling Taiwan and cutting off some trade with the island. It also halted talks with Washington on climate change and suspended communication with U.S. military commanders.

Campbell added that the United States intends to keep lines of communication open with China, and urged Beijing to behave as a "responsible power" by reopening the channels it has closed.

If Xi travels to Southeast Asia in November, it would become his first international trip in nearly three years amid the coronavirus pandemic. The trip is expected to take place after a twice-a-decade Communist Party congress anticipated for the fall, when Xi is keen to secure an unusual third term as leader.

He will likely attend a two-day summit of leaders from the Group of 20 economies on the Indonesian island of Bali from Nov. 15, and then travel to Bangkok to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum summit two days later, the newspaper said.

While the preparations are still at the early stage and could be changed, a meeting between Xi and Biden is possible on the sidelines of one of the two summits, the report said.

Last month, the two leaders had their fifth call since Biden took office in January last year.

While warning each other over what they view as destabilizing acts regarding Taiwan, they also discussed the value of meeting face to face and agreed to have their teams follow up to find "a mutually agreeable time to do so," a senior U.S. administration official said at the time.

Since then, tensions over Taiwan have further heightened as Pelosi pushed ahead with her trip to the island, which had been postponed earlier this year after she tested positive for COVID-19.

Campbell said Friday that Beijing has "overreacted" to the trip, citing its launching of missiles into waters around Taiwan, its military planes and ships crossing the center line between China and Taiwan, and the surrounding of the island with more than a dozen warships.

"Even today, several warships remain around Taiwan," he said.

The United States will continue to take "calm and resolute steps" to uphold peace and stability in the region in the face of Beijing's ongoing efforts to undermine it, and support Taiwan in line with long-standing U.S. policy, the official said.

As the United States continues to deepen ties with Taiwan, the two economies are developing an "ambitious roadmap for trade negotiations" expected to be announced in the coming days, Campbell said. ... s-wsj.html

Xi's first foreign meeting since Covid.
Drlee wrote:It looks like the US is going to "let" China take Taiwan. Why do you think we are moving chip production home?

You're just preparing for the inevitable. Pelosi's visit was a gift to Xi, actually, no wonder he's ready to meet with Biden. Because he's got all the clouts regarding Taiwan, which Pelosi helped him demonstrate with her stupid visit.
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