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Well. No.

I just want that people in the east of Ukraine have right to live.
You don't want that, based on their ethnicity.
You, like a real Nazi supporter want them to disappear one way or another.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is heading to yet another elections of "critical importance"!
It's a matter of "life or death" ...just like every two years....

But, these elections are, indeed, going to be held in the most fragile political situation since the end of the civil war.

Muslims (Bosniaks) and Croats are stuck deep in the political tranches. 2018 general election results got never implemented, the Government of Federation BiH was never established , consequently the FBiH Constitutional Court never got established , the President is in the so called technical mandate from 2015... The love is blooming...Croatian EU MEPs stick with the Croats in BiH and lobbying changes of the election law in EuroParliament , Bundestag sided with Muslims ( adopting some foolish resolution lobbied by Muslims in Bundestag originally from Bosnia).

Germany illegally (without a very much needed consent by the UN SC) sent a guy who pretends to be the High Representative. He is officially ridiculed by Republika Srpska (a Serb half of Bosnia and Herzegovina), also he officially is not recognized by Russia, China and half of Bosnia.

Muslims will try for the fourth time to impose a Croat member of Presidency of BiH to ethnic Croats in BiH. The guy gets ellected by Muslim voters, represents Croats and is Persona non Grata in all municipalities with Croat majority, so he never visits his "constituency" :lol:

Croats are pissed off and they loudly call for establishment of Croat federal unit within BiH.
Muslims are pissed of with that trend.
Plenty talks of physical solutions :lol:

The tensions are building up.
It's electrifying

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