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ckaihatsu wrote:Believe it or not, BS, I'm *not* here to play-along with your intended nonsense -- 15 billion dollars is a substantial sum, so vilifying Trump's border-wall boondoggle is *most* to-the-point, measured in dollars.

$15 billion is substantial?

It will run the federal government for almost one day.

The federal government spends $14.66 BILLION every 24 hours.
late wrote:It turns out there is a Federal law prohibiting what DeSantis did. It's Kidnapping by Inveiglement. When he used deception to move people across state lines, he violated Federal law.

The Immigration and Nationality Act forbids “transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise.”
https://www.mvtimes.com/2022/09/15/atto ... kidnapped/

Justice is quite busy with other subhumans, at the moment, but here's hoping they can squeeze him in.

It's not kidnapping, dipshit. There's no ransom. Playing yer fucking games. You're looking stupider and stupider.
BlutoSays wrote:
$15 billion is substantial?

It will run the federal government for almost one day.

The federal government spends $14.66 BILLION every 24 hours.

Hey -- nice *gymnastics*, but you want to exonerate Trump on a 'pocket change' argument -- ?

Maybe the pro-immigration camp is going to pull-a-Reagan and say 'Tear down this wall.' Ready to fork over $15 billion for *that*, since it's all just chump-change, after all.
Lol I hope this gets to the DOJ:

Massachusetts seeks human trafficking probe targeting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over migrants

The migrants were picked up in Texas, but DeSantis said the flights were part of a $12 million Florida program to transport undocumented immigrants to so-called sanctuary destinations. DeSantis denied claims that the migrants were duped into taking the flights with promises of jobs that did not exist. And he said he was "perplexed" to hear that President Joe Biden was "surging resources" to the Texas border in response to the flights.

Lol they absolutely lied to the migrants because, like Bluto, they don't see them as human.
BlutoSays wrote:
Can't be. If I did, I would be a Democrat.

Fascists are typically not self aware, much less smart.

I am having trouble caring much over this one. That much stupid is going to do your guys a lot more damage than the Dems...

Don't you worry your little head, it'll become obvious in a few months.
Obviously our resident rightwing shitheads love this pig slop for morons, but god damn the more the details come out the more heinous this shit is:

DeSantis paid $12 million out of his state budget to pull this obvious stunt for his presidential election bid and:

  • Had state officials hang out around migrant shelters recruiting people for the flight
  • The flight was funded by the Floridian government, but they recruited from Texas shelters for some reason
  • They forged fake documents that they gave to migrants to make the flight look more official
  • Lied and said they were going to Boston
  • Lied again and said they would have jobs waiting
  • Purposely didn't tell anyone at Martha's Vineyard that they would be dropping human beings on them, because they are so racist they assumed they would hate these non-white people

Literally, promising people the opportunity to be gainfully employed and build a life for a political stunt that backfired. But only if you were paying attention, no rightwinger cared about the Martha's Vineyard response beyond the fact that non-white bodies were unceremoniously dumped on another part of the country because they aren't people; they're an inconvenience at best.

And our resident retards will continue to eat this shit up, while barely concealing their racism by doing everything besides saying the words that make their Thanksgiving dinners more awkward. Truly shit people with terrible beliefs.

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