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Independent_Srpska wrote:Has the counter-offensive of NATO/Ukrainian forces stopped?

Great Move, the stans are against Moscow colonial, barbaric wars ! ... ne/2691518

Diplomatic missions of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan on Wednesday warn their citizens in Moscow against participating in the war in Ukraine.

Three Central Asian countries' embassies in Moscow released separate statements, banning their citizens in Russia from participating in the war in Ukraine.

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan also warned their citizens of penalty in case of involving in the war in Ukraine.

They also reminded citizens that taking part in armed conflicts on foreign territories is unlawful.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are members of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization, while Uzbekistan withdrew from the military bloc in 2012.
Independent_Srpska wrote:So, you are saying Kiev still forces it's people to die for.American interests?

Not good

turk any comment on this ?

Independent_Srpska wrote:So, you are saying Kiev still forces it's people to die for.American interests?

Not good

what has happened here ? looks like your muslimlovers dont want to make TikTok videos in Ukraine

The Kharkhov breakout was more likely an operation of opportunity, particularly because it was effected not by a large buildup of forces but by 15 Ukrainian tanks... That bravely never stopped when they found themselves behind Moscow defensive lines and apparently started running roughshod oall over the place causing chaos and disorganization and even over-ran the HQ for the entire Moscow occupied territory , decapitating C&C. It's remarkable what Ukraine accomplished, the total destruction of the 3rd Army Corp which is a major command group and the 4th Guard Tank Division which is one of Russia's most renowned and distinguished heavy armor in all of Moscow . For both those to completely disintegrate within a couple days is an enormous accomplishment almost beyond comprehension what the consequences will be. If Russia cannot re-organize, it literally means the eventual collapse of everything in both the Luhansk and Donbas. The Ukrainian offensive in Kherson is exactly what it's advertised to be... a move to retake the gateway to Crimea. Once Kherson falls, it will mean many things... The destruction of collectively nearly all the competent Moscow forces (Excepting the Wagner Group which is mostly in the Donetzk front). Ukraine was not telling false tales, Ukraine wants to retake Kherson badly no matter what it takes and seems to be making progress. Russia is making a stand in Kherson and everything north and west of the Dneiper River. If Ukraine takes Kherson, Moscow will likely lose everything including Crimea within a year and a half.

Independent_Srpska wrote:Only that I am sorry Kiev started murdering people of Donbass in 2014, policemen on Maydan and poor people burnt down in Odesa.

Brain-dead Westerners don't know about Maidan anymore. They have no memories left, only cache and RAM on their electronic devices.

You could tell Westerners that Russia is still communist, that it was really Russia that wiped out the First Nations in North America, and that is was really Russia that nuked Japan. And they would believe it. And even agree to act on it.

The ignorance of the West's people is our Oligarch's greatest strength.

litwin wrote:The Kharkhov breakout...

It this song danceable? Would you consider it EDM or retro motown?
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Independent_Srpska wrote:Hey, @litwin , Russian bro!
How's life?
How many thousands Russians you and your Dr Kadyrov saved in Ukraine?

Have you arrested this guy yet??!


kadyrov´s muslims lovers got beaten :lol:

So he's going to the war himself, I'm sure?

"You are zero. You are nothing. Garbage." Moscow propagandist burst into tears on live television because Muscovites are avoiding mobilization and do not want to die in a senseless imperialist war.

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