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@Saeko @late

A little bit off topic but since lawsuits were mentioned I felt this was worth mentioning to add to the thought of lawsuits. The only people that win in the courtroom are the lawyers. And if you are a business, it's a guarantee you will have to pay lawyers. Business want to stay out of court because of the costs of litigation and damages. To do that, they have to pay lawyers up front as part of business planning. Paying lawyers and lawsuits are a "cost of doing business" as far as companies are concerned.

Those who do not know better and are not as familiar with the court system want to sue. If one were to choose to litigate, a company's lawyers can put your entire life under the microscope for the public to see and bring out all kinds of skeletons you might have in your closet for the public to know about.

Everybody has skeletons in the closet and if things go to trial, companies, who are more experienced with the court system, will certainly drag your skeletons out of the closet for the world to see while the lawyers get paid the big bucks.

So, in my opinion, it's better for anybody to just stay out of court in the first place to begin with. A company might not treat you fairly, but I think it's better to dust yourself off and keep going rather than get mad and go through the hidden costs of litigation you will certainly face if you decide to sue. The hidden costs of litigation in most cases simply are not worth it.
late wrote:Race war simulator??

I hopped around that video and didn't see anything about a race war simulator.

Go is better than chess..

Chess is Black vs White, @late. Jeeze, do I have to do everyone’s thinking for them? :roll:
Potemkin wrote:Chess is Black vs White, @late. Jeeze, do I have to do everyone’s thinking for them? :roll:

But the key point is that the player has a trans colour identity which is an anathema. For the Liberal it is not merely enough that you must believe. You must also believe in the opposite. You must simultaneously believe that race doesn't exist, and that race is immutable. Woe betide the "White person" who claims to be Black or an Indian Squaw.
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