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By ckaihatsu
Robert Urbanek wrote:
Putin and his allies have made a number of threats and suggestions of a nuclear strike on the UK, such as the report on June 26: “Vladimir Putin ally warns London ‘will be bombed first’ if World War 3 breaks out.”

The Russians would hopefully be deterred by the United Kingdom’s arsenal of 120 operational nuclear weapons. Only 40 are deployed at a time, all on four nuclear-powered submarines. Presumably, they can only be launched at the direction of the prime minister, although there may be a secondary line of command if London was suddenly erased from the map.

Still, the ability of the submarines to receive attack orders might be compromised, if not by Russian signal interference, then perhaps by a natural source: a giant solar storm that wipes out global communications, leaving nuclear powers guessing if their opponents will take advantage of the situation.

I *swear*, ya miss *one* news cycle.... (grin)

Isn't this *all* just boilerplate, though -- ?
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By Negotiator
I have no clue why anyone would argue that UK would stand alone militarily.

- The UK is such a close ally to the USA that it gets called the "US pudel" by its opponents

- The UK is a NATO member

- The UK owns nuclear weapons

- The UK is one of five countries with VETO rights in the United Nations

There is literally no possibility to defend UK even more than it currently is.

Except maybe actually having an own military thats not a complete joke, but thats a different issue.
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By JohnRawls
Oh UK, you are expected to recover your private pre-Brexit investment levels only in 2025+/2026 according to the latest forecasts. :eek:

First it was 2020 then it was 2022 and now it is 2025/2026. Damn you guys are suckers, Nigel sure did screw your up real good.
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By Morgan Le Fey
Say the quiet part out loud: Brexit is a Russian scam!

And I'm out suckas!
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By ckaihatsu
Morgan Le Fey wrote:
Say the quiet part out loud: Brexit is a Russian scam!

And I'm out suckas!


The UK Independence Party (UKIP), a Eurosceptic political party, was formed in response to Maastricht in 1993. In 1997, Nigel Farage took over the leadership of the party as a right-of-centre, populist movement in England.[47]

Prior to 2013, the issue of EU membership never scored higher that 5% on surveys of voter priorities, polling just 6% in 2013[48] and 11% in 2014.[49] However, an increasing proportion of voters viewed immigration and asylum as of key importance.[50] By adopting a hardline anti-immigration platform and conflating the issue with EU membership, UKIP was able to achieve electoral success, reaching third place in the UK during the 2004 European elections, second place in the 2009 European elections and first place in the 2014 European elections, with 27.5% of the total vote.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brexit#Eu ... ed_Kingdom
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By Morgan Le Fey
Yes, I know all about Nigel Farage's goofy butt. I'm talking about the other quiet part, that Russia influenced Brexit in ways still being unraveled. Lol. They have no army, but their intelligence apparatus has been quite busy.

And in order to avoid a Polonium sandwich: Putin is not Dobby the House Elf, nor is he gay.
By late
Morgan Le Fey wrote:
Yes, I know all about Nigel Farage's goofy butt.

Nigel is just the latest gay Brit to be turned by Russia..
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By Morgan Le Fey
I don't care if he's gay, he's just goofy as all hell. In a weird "Ima stab ya in the back while were laughing together" kind of way.

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