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Tainari88  wrote:how do you see British society?

It's a shithole.

And politically what does it mean that the Tories are in a rebellion against themselves?

On paper, Sunak should feel secure with a 69-seat working majority in a 650-seat parliament. But intra-party ideological divisions are making sensible policy decisions impossible to implement. Sunak, the pragmatist, is held hostage by the ERG, rabid brexiteers.

That wouldn't have happened, of course, if Labour under Starmer were not trying to out Tory the Tories with his 'make Brexit work' bollocks.
noemon wrote:Brothers Grismby
Who are they?

Anyway, I would prefer to visit Greece before the UK. I just love the culture and the architecture, history etc. All of it.

But, I will wind up visiting the UK someday though. Never been to Europe. All a mystery to me in terms of real lived experiences. I have read a lot of history, and other parts of European life. But nothing compares to living there or being a tourist and seeing the sights to see.

I have never been an Anglophile Noemon. Recently I had to leave a very ancient Anazasi bowl behind in the USA. I studied the Mesa Verde civilization from 1000 AD to 1300 AD in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Chaco Canyon among others. My mother was gifted the bowl a long time ago for her work with Native American education planning and implementation programs.

I am looking forward to learning more about Europe in the future.
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