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"Everything is going according to plan."

-Saddam Putsein

Good. But all of the oligarchs, including Putin, don’t have their money in rubles. I would like to seem them loose all of their assets.

sounds more and more like 1917 8) :lol: ... Bdsb6z5n3g

Major General Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence, has said that the terrorist state has the time until the end of spring before it runs out of resources to wage an aggressive war.

Source: Budanov in an interview with USA TodayQuote from Budanov: "Russia has wasted huge amounts of human resources, armaments and materials. Its economy and production are not able to cover these losses. It's changed its military chain of command. If Russia's military fails in its aims this spring, it will be out of military tools."

Russia will be out of resources to wage aggressive war in 3 months пїЅ Chief of Intelligence

I would have guessed six or seven months, but the recent complaints by Wagner Group about not getting enough ammunition clearly showed this was coming.

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