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Do you think the following should be banned for these children?

both should be allowed
circumcision should be allowed, but not transgender hormones
transgender hormones should be allowed, but not circumcision
both should not be allowed
:lol: Piss off @Pants-of-dog. Everything you have posted is all predicated on an ideology of lies.

Or are you going to deny that a person who feels like a woman IS a woman?

I don't know why you find this so difficult.

Gender is a social, psychological, and cultural construct.

Sex refers to the different biological and physiological characteristics of males and females.

When you try to blur the lines between sex and gender is when the problem arises, and that's what your fuck-in-the-head ideology of lies, is all about, @ingliz. :knife:

Your ideology is trying to say that women(the sex of adult human females) is anyone who feels like a woman, regardless of the sexual facts. That's a lie.

It's not my ideology.

And that's not what I am saying.

What I am saying is ...

A biological fact is irrelevant if society deems to construct a new reality.
False. You cannot construct a new reality, That is not what a social construct is.

A social construct is a concept that exists not in objective reality, but as a result of human interaction. It exists because humans agree that it exists. Psychologists and social scientists study socially constructed reality in order to better understand how groups of people create social phenomena.

That does not change facts or objective reality. That gender ideology is delusional is just sad, and it's even more pathetic that fools such as you, buy into it. Suckers and fools believe it.
Godstud wrote:Your ideology is trying to say that women(the sex of adult human females) is anyone who feels like a woman, regardless of the sexual facts. That's a lie.

What does this mean?

No one is arguing that some man wakes up one morning, arbitrarily decides he is a woman, and all of a sudden he magically is a she with all the relevant plumbing.

If that is what you think, maybe you can quote whatever post made you think this is true and we can dispel the confusion.
Godstud wrote:That does not change facts or objective reality.

It renders them irrelevant.

You can point to a vagina and say, 'That's a modified prick,' but if society says, 'Chill, we don't care,' you are stuffed.

@Pants-of-dog What you believe, is irrelevant. You're an ideological sock puppet for the gender identity cult.

You think women can be men, and men can be women, simply by saying so, or "feeling" like it. :knife: You want to expose children to this lie, sexualize them, and help them transition. Degeneracy.
You cannot simultaneously claim that what I believe is irrelevant and also focus on what I supposedly believe.

At this point, I am certain you have no idea what my position is. You have convinced yourself that anyone who disagrees with you is a child abuser.

And at this point, I assume this justifies any sort of behaviour towards trans people and their supporters.
You're the one who claimed it was irrelevant. When you said the numbers of de-transitioners were irrelevant, you made your own position invalid.

Your position is to support an ideology who wants to groom and sexualize children into an ideology of self-gratification.

I have never sanctioned any behavior towards trans people or activists. You are making up a false premise that no one has every made. Typical lies.
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