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QatzelOk wrote:Interesting that, to find a parallel for how the West is acting today, you had to go back thousands of years.

Oh sorry has the Han occupation of Tibet come to an end? Has the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Armenians by the Muslims from their historic lands ceased. Has the Bantufication of Southern Africa stopped?

No I said the "evil" of the Han people's started thousands of years ago, I didn't say anything about it ceasing.
Rich wrote:Oh sorry has the Han occupation of Tibet come to an end?

In the Modern Day, the people that the Dalai Lama rolled with were the last slave-owners in world history.

Why were you so attached to this brutal tyrant and his ruling gang?

For diversity reasons, or just as an excuse to attack China, and to forget that the Roman Empire (Europe) was the source of most of the world's modern genocides?
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