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Do you think the following should be banned for these children?

both should be allowed
circumcision should be allowed, but not transgender hormones
transgender hormones should be allowed, but not circumcision
both should not be allowed

Well, at least you've exposed yourself as being completely nuts in your attempt to diminish the findings in this study by experts in the field that have changed government policy on what we already know to be a medical experiment. And the handful of other countries who've changed policy on minors before this study just did that because they were bored...sorry, I meant to say because they're transphobic. :lol:
Now, maybe the discredited octogenarian and the theologian working for the transphobes have managed to actually write a decent study. Well, it is an article, not a study. It reviews the existing knowledge, rather than providing new knowledge.

Let us look at the first verifiable claim it makes:

    The fundamental basis for concern about “gender-affirming” interventions for adolescents, and socially transitioned children who will soon be adolescents, is how they will fare in the ensuing decades [1•]. There are significant knowledge gaps about the balance of benefits and harms as patients live their lives. Medicine has provided treatments for transgender-identified adolescents for over 25 years [2–6]. These treatments emerged in the late 1980s to early 1990s in large part in response to the suboptimal outcomes of transitioned adults, with the hope that early gender transition may improve outcomes [3]. Despite claims of the lifesaving nature of gender transition for adults, none of the many studies convincingly demonstrated enduring psychological benefits. The longest-term studies, with the strongest methodologies, reported markedly increased morbidity and mortality and a persistently high risk of post-transition suicide among transitioned adults [7, 8••, 9].

So, what does this say?

It does not say there were no improvements.

It just says that trans people still had more problems than cis people in general even after gender affirming care. But suicidal ideationa nd depression could be reduced significantly and there could still be more suicidal ideation and depression.
The quoted text makes no mention whatsoever of mental health deteriorating for over a third of the cohort.

Even if it did, that would only be half an argument.

It would be required to show that trans people who did not receive gender affirming care had similar or better outcomes.
From the study wrote:15-34 percent of participants reliably deteriorated

Anyway, sorry that there is a more cautious approach to experimenting on children. I know it hurts your feelings but this is great news for more of us than you, and it's good a number of countries are deciding against this and I will be sure to update you on when more countries do because I don't see this ending with Denmark.

Meanwhile in Tranada:
Again, this means nothing without a comparison with a control group.

And note that the article I am discussing is not a study. It is a review of the existing research. Nor does it mention the. word “deteriorated”. If there is another study that is being referenced, please clarify which study jt is.
skinster wrote:How can a child consent to these permanent side effects?

They cannot.

In the US, any medical treatment offered to a patient under 18 years of age requires parental consent.


The rise of circumcision in the US can be attributed, in part, to the work and writings of Dr. Lewis Sayre, an orthopedic surgeon, in the late 1800s.

Europeans, save for Jews, think the practice is barbaric.

This is being pushed by the PEOPLE, @Pants-of-dog, which is why it's so unpopular by the elites and cultists like you.

What is wrong with a legal ban on transitioning CHILDREN? Are you afraid that your pedo cult won't get enough members?
Pants-of-dog wrote:The legal ban by the powers that be certainly disproves any notion that transgenderism is a policy promulgated by the elite.

Of course it is. The banning is coming from pushback from parents, particularly those whose children's bodies have been destroyed by this medical scam, as well as because of the side effects and dangers exposed from this medical experiment, as the medical experts who reported on this in Denmark show. The pushback in Britain began with Keira Bell and two others' case against the Tavistock clinic. And the domino effect has sprung. You guys had your peak, be grateful something so obviously insane has lasted so long..
I will add these two things to your argument:

-The government is pushing the trans agenda.
- The government is pushing back against the trans agenda.

Somehow that is supposed to make more sense than having transphobia be the norm for a long time, trans equality becoming a thing, having conservatives make it part of the culture wars, and governments supporting or opposing depending on that.
The lie that puberty blockers are reversible was all but admitted by New Zealand and why they joined European states in just about banning these experimental drugs for minors.

Pants-of-dog wrote:-The government is pushing the trans agenda.

Trans lobbies had captured the government, yes. They have been for some time, under stealth, as the leak of the Denton document taught us. A take-away from that exposure was that the legal firm admitted that if these changes were made with a debate amongst the people, less people would support it. Which is precisely why it had to be done in secret.

- The government is pushing back against the trans agenda.

Because of medical experts and parents complaints. The former are demanding more research into this experimental treatment, since it still remains experimental treatment. The government fortunately has to deal with these groups, despite ignoring them for so long.


No such thing exists since nobody is trans. It's like a Christian derogatorily calling me a heathen when that type of person also doesn't exist to me except in the mind of the religious. There are only males and females, and of course delusional cultists like you and a few other (only) men in here. Who knows what your real motives are in pushing this dangerous shit, but that you have consistently ignored the dangers of sterilising and mutilating children throughout this entire debate shows that this is not about the welfare of children for you, only ideology and a demand that children continue to be treated in what history will look back to as a medical scam far worse than the lobotomy, or that time they purposely sterilised certain ethnic groups. There will be a point when even you won't be able to ignore the increasing dangers of what this ideology you worship entails.
The gender religion adherents talking to me about "facts". :D

Here are some facts, AKA side-effects, posted by a woman who identifies as trans:

Here is what we do know about medical transition

Decreased life expectancy

Premature death from heart attacks

Premature death from pulmonary embolisms

Bone damage

Possible liver damage

Increased mental-health complications

Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms

Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population

12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis

Brain development stunted during hormone blockers

Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure

Probably does not even improve mental health outcomes ... ion-a-year
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