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skinster wrote:

You don't present male, you are male.

How would you know? You have never seen my hidden parts. Also , just for fun , I could be presenting as female, such as with crossplay. And then , depending on how well I do, others might make me out to be female , given my appearance, and maybe even my voice. In my opinion , until told otherwise , it is safe to assume that a person is the gender that they present as.
Deutschmania wrote:How would you know? You have never seen my hidden parts.

Because you said you're a bloke, you fucking weirdo. :lol:

Putting on a dress isn't going to suddenly make you look like a woman. Have you seen the men doing that pretending to be women? They crack me up because they never pass. The jaws are always too big. And that Adam's apple. And the receding hairlines...etc.
So Christopher Rufo, the man who is behind the CRT moral panic and the Florida trans one has recently met with like minded people (like transphobes) and one of the things they discussed was banding together with even more extremist far right groups.

Because it would apparently be acceptable to have a white nationalist dictatorship in order to get rid of these (illusionary) threats.
Rancid wrote:I think we should start requiring (him/he), (she/her) next to our names on pofo.

On a more serious note, they do that on the access badges when I go to conferences and such. It's optional of course. I choose not to do that. In a world where privacy is protected less and less, I refuse to broadcast my pronouns.

Greetings, fellow entity. How are your feelings today?
Deutschmania wrote:I would find it to be a little bit weird if anyone were to use ( she/her) to refer to me though, as I presently present as male , complete with a beard , but I still wouldn't take exception to it.

But isn't the issue that there are plenty of people who have a beard and cock and balls who want the she/her pronoun that would take exception to it?

Thankfully where I live this shit isn't taken seriously. It is just a running joke. And it shouldn't be a surprise that those who support this bollocks are from Canada and LA, which lets be honest are beyond saving from sanity. Don't get me wrong, I do support adults doing what they want with their bodies whether they regret it in the future or not. Children need protecting and that is something we all agree on here (or so it is claimed). But when it comes to me playing along with all this, I chose to do what makes me comfortable and that is it. If you look like a man, I will address you as such. And if you take offence to that, then please get out of my space and not talk to me. I don't need a fucking badge to distinguish between male and female or bio pronouns from your Twitter feed.

All social phenomena, their origins, expressions, practices, and conflicts are rooted in the social relations of any given mode of production of any society, and as social relations develop and change, so do social phenomena.

Your failure to recognise this and adjust your worldview makes you an idealist, not a Marxist-Leninist (See: Stalin, Dialectical and Historical Materialism).

Revolutionary communists should be ...

... able to react to every manifestation of tyranny and oppression, no matter where it appears, no matter what stratum or class of the people it affects.

— Lenin, What is to be Done?

ingliz wrote:Channelling Darwin...

I can see how, for particularly stupid animals, indiscriminately fucking anything that moves and hoping something sticks works.

In herd animals, fleeting dominance and submission rituals would be useful.

Even female same-sex sexual behaviour could offer advantages if one of the pair sought male company in the breeding season.

But in humans, exclusive male same-sex sexual behaviour with no heterosexual sex in the offing doesn't seem to offer any evolutionary advantage.

It doesn't seem to be 'animal' behaviour.

Any kind of sexual satisfaction (including gay) has several possible evolutionary advantages.

1. It removes inter-band violence by allowing males to satisfy a human need

2. It allows for sexual harmony WITHOUT increasing the population of the band


The problem you are having is that you are applying the Machine-world mentality of modernity ('We must increase the population more! That is what survival means - MOAR!') to the survival of a species, which doesn't make sense.

Populations were encouraged to increase their numbers by kings looking for soldiers to kill foreigners. This had nothing to do with our survival as a species. Overpopulation currently threatens our species with extinction, so please try to remember that everything we have done in civilizations has run COUNTER To Darwin's theory on survival of species.
We have literal Nazis walking the streets openly, protesting in favour of Desantis as he runs for POTUS.

So far, we have had all sorts of liberal and centrists supporting him. Now we seem to also have some self identified Marxists.

Neither the centrists nor the radicals seem to realize that he would lock them up without a second thought.
QatzelOk wrote:It removes inter-band violence


A small number of studies have suggested that the prevalence of intimate partner violence among same-sex couples in the U.S. is similar to that seen in heterosexual couples.* Harms** conducted a prevalence study that focused on gay and bisexual men, finding that 26% of respondents reported that they had experienced physical violence in their last relationship.

*Greenwood GL, Relf MV, Huang B, et al. Battering victimization among a probability-based sample of men who have sex with men. Am J Public Health. 2002;92:1964–9.

**Harms B. Domestic violence in the gay male community. 1995. Unpublished master’s thesis, San Francisco State University, Department of Psychology.

Pants-of-dog wrote:We have literal Pedophiles walking the streets openly, protesting against Desantis as he runs for POTUS.
I fixed it for you.

You also have people calling for the victimization of children for the simple purpose of pushing a gender identity ideology.

Leave the kids alone.
ingliz wrote:...intimate partner violence ...

That's not what I was talking about.

What I was saying (which is correct) is that any kind of sexual satisfaction - gay or straight - reduces tension for the sexually relieved partners involved.

A society that restricts sexual orientations in humans is guaranteeing that additional violence will affect that band.

You seem unable to understand that I am talking about how sexual satifisfaction reduces violent behavior. Instead, you have decided to cite unrelated studies that contrast intre-couple violence - while I was talking about general intra-band violent behavior.

INCELs are a product of organized religions, which are control institutions (like pens for cattle are).
QatzelOk wrote:It removes inter-band violence by allowing males to satisfy a human need

Tell that to the Spartans, the Thebans, or any other Greek military formation fighting at the time of the city-states.

You are mistaking a modern cultural stereotype for biology.

Homosexuals are men with the same capacity for violence as men.

ingliz wrote:Tell that to the Spartans, the Thebans, or any other Greek military formation fighting at the time of the city-states.

You are mistaking a modern cultural stereotype for biology.

Homosexuals are men with the same capacity for violence as men.


No. I'm telling you that people who get properly sexed are healthier and more socially cooperative than sexually deprived cattle-type people.

That you can argue against this means that you are not even trying to improve your own quality of life.

You are just trying to create a "victory" out of text, which is useless to you. Or me.

How does battering your lovers play into that?

Some sources state that gay men and lesbian couples experience domestic violence at a much higher frequency than heterosexual couples.

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ingliz wrote:Many species of fish, like the kobudai, are known as “sequential hermaphrodites”: they can switch sex permanently at a specific point in their lives. The majority of “sequential hermaphrodites” are known as “protogynous” (Greek for “female first”): they switch from female to male.


It's true for the human species also as the fetus turns from female to male only if the Y chromosome anomaly is present.

The human fetus is protogynous also. Female genitalia transform into male genitalia in the womb, the opposite is not naturally possible for humans.
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