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Do you think the following should be banned for these children?

both should be allowed
circumcision should be allowed, but not transgender hormones
transgender hormones should be allowed, but not circumcision
both should not be allowed
The writer of the article is trans. Stop being transphobic!!

She links to studies for each of those side-effects, which I'll list again:

1. Decreased life expectancy
2. Premature death from heart attacks
3. Premature death from pulmonary embolisms
4. Bone damage
5. Possible liver damage
6. Increased mental-health complications
7. Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms
8. Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population
9. 12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis
10. Brain development stunted during hormone blockers
11. Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure
12. Probably does not even improve mental health outcomes

More from her article:

Here is what really gets my goat:

What will happen to a biological boy who takes sex hormones associated with the opposite sex (or vice versa) and grows up without the benefit of natural puberty? What happens to a male body on estrogen over the long term? No one knows.

What are the psychological effects on detransitioners? How many detransitioners are there even? No one knows.

Transgenderism: You create by using synthetic hormones and surgery; it a choice. I know I know they say it's not; of course not! Do you know how much money is made off of transitioning children?


In the UK in ten years hormone blockers generated approximately:

Two million yearly to 50 million yearly: This 4000% spike happened in less than 10 years. Do I need to say anything else? Once you see that you can't play dumb anymore!


In the UK the number of kids medically transitioning from 2009-2018 went from 96 kids to 2515-4515% increase


Transgenderism: Is promoted to kids that have gender dysphoria, which is a severe mental illness. What do we know about mental illness? Metal illness distorts reality and throws onto the fire of a brain that has not matured enough to see around corners. Sprinkle in the greed of pharmaceutical corporations, and you have a catastrophe.

80% of children work their way out of gender dysphoria with talk therapy and anxiety medications, and this is a good thing! This is not bad or a transphobic thing, remember I am trans, and I have fully medically transitioned from top to bottom.

We want to give our kids time to grow out of gender dysphoria because here is something people don't talk about, and trans don't speak about. The only people that do are the detrasitioners and thank God for them telling the truth.


Here is the truth: Medical transition makes gender dysphoria worse! Think I'm kidding? Talk to a therapist that specializes in anorexic children. I guarantee you will not find one that says,

"The best therapy I prescribe to my anorexia patients is a daily class on the benefits of starvation. This works wonders helping with the mental illness of anorexia." Said no therapist in the world ANYWHERE!

I don't believe she's trans, that's why I use the correct pronouns, but you do and you attacked her, which according to you makes you a transphobe. As for the scientific studies - which let's be clear, you're absolutely not interested in - they are linked off to in the article.

The Truth About ‘Puberty Blockers’
The FDA hasn’t approved them for gender dysphoria, and their effects are serious and permanent.

The fashion for transgenderism has brought with it a new euphemism: “gender-affirming care,” which means surgical and pharmacological interventions designed to make the body look and feel more like that of the opposite sex. Gender-affirming care for children involves the use of “puberty blockers”: one of five powerful synthetic drugs that block the natural production of sex hormones.

The FDA has approved those medications to treat prostate cancer, endometriosis, certain types of infertility and a rare childhood disease caused by a genetic mutation. But it has never approved them for gender dysphoria, the clinical term for the belief that one’s body is the wrong sex.

Thus the drugs, led by AbbVie’s Lupron, are prescribed to minors “off label.” (They are also used off-label for chemical castration of repeat sex offenders.) Off-label dispensing is legal; some half of all prescriptions in the U.S. are for off-label uses. But off-label use circumvents the FDA’s authority to examine drug safety and efficacy, especially when the patients are children. Some U.S. states have eliminated the need for parental consent for teens as young as 15 to start puberty blockers.

Proponents of puberty blockers contend there is little downside. The Department of Health and Human Services claims puberty blockers are “reversible.” It omits the evidence that “by impeding the usual process of sexual orientation and gender identity development,” these drugs “effectively ‘lock in’ children and young people to a treatment pathway,” according to a report by Britain’s National Health Service, which cites studies finding that 96% to 98% of minors prescribed puberty blockers proceed to cross-sex hormones.

Gender advocates also falsely contend that puberty blockers for children and teens have been “used safely since the late 1980s,” as a recent Scientific American article put it. That ignores substantial evidence of harmful long-term side effects.

The Center for Investigative Reporting revealed in 2017 that the FDA had received more than 10,000 adverse event reports from women who were given Lupron off-label as children to help them grow taller. They reported thinning and brittle bones, teeth that shed enamel or cracked, degenerative spinal disks, painful joints, radical mood swings, seizures, migraines and suicidal thoughts. Some developed fibromyalgia. There were reports of fertility problems and cognitive issues.

The FDA in 2016 ordered AbbVie to add a warning that children on Lupron might develop new or intensified psychiatric problems. Transgender children are at least three times as likely as the general population to have anxiety, depression and neurodevelopmental disorders. Last year, the FDA added another warning for children about the risk of brain swelling and vision loss.

The lack of research demonstrating that benefits outweigh the risks has resulted in some noteworthy pushback in the U.S. and abroad. Republican legislatures in a dozen states have curtailed or banned gender-affirming care for minors. Finland, citing concerns about side effects, in 2020 cut back puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors. Sweden followed suit in 2022 and Norway this year. Britain’s NHS shuttered the country’s largest youth gender clinic after 35 clinicians resigned over three years, complaining they were pressured to overdiagnose gay, mentally ill, and autistic teens and prescribe medications that made their conditions worse.

Still, the U.S. and most European countries embrace a standard of care that pushes youngsters toward “gender-affirming” treatments. It circumvents “watchful waiting” and talk therapy and diagnoses many children as gender dysphoric when they may simply be going through a phase.

Gender-affirming care for children is undoubtedly a flashpoint in America’s culture wars. It is also a human experiment on children and teens, the most vulnerable patients. Ignoring the long-term dangers posed by unrestricted off-label dispensing of powerful puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, combined with the large overdiagnosis of minors as gender dysphoric, borders on child abuse. ... n-933cd8fb
For anyone who's actually interested, they're in the article. You always have this weird entitlement that I'm here for you when I despise misogynist pigs like you. Lessen those thoughts a bit because I'm not here to educate the deranged, but show others what nonsense gender identity politics is. And not just nonsense, but dangerous nonsense.

Stroke and Blood Clot Risk in Transgender Women Taking Hormones
What was the research about?

People who are transgender have a gender identity that differs from the male or female sex assigned to them at birth. Some transgender people get therapies to change their bodies to match their gender identity. For transgender women, therapy may include taking hormones such as estrogen.

This research project earlier showed that transgender women who took estrogen had a higher risk of blood clots and strokes than men and women who weren’t transgender. In this study, the research team looked further to learn how different types of hormone therapy affect those risks. The team looked at whether taking estrogen as a pill, a shot, or a patch affected the risk. They also looked at the risks of taking estrogen along with different medicines that decrease testosterone.
What were the results?

Overall, transgender women who took estrogen had a higher risk of blood clots and strokes than men and women who weren’t transgender.

Compared with men and women who weren’t transgender, the risk of blood clots was

Higher in transgender women who took estrogen as pills
About the same in transgender women who took estrogen as shots or patches
Lower in transgender women who took spironolactone rather than other medicines used to lower testosterone

Also, the risk of strokes was

Higher in transgender women who took estrogen as pills, shots, or patches
About the same no matter which medicine transgender women took to lower testosterone

Who was in the study?

The research team looked at the health records of 3,325 transgender women and 62,033 men and women who weren’t transgender. ... g-hormones

Pants-of-dog wrote:People who post opinion pieces and tell others to go look at the studies have a weird entitlement that I am here for them and to do their work even though they are extremely rude.

I have about 0 interest in trying to convince you of anything. :lol:

I assume it is a white/rich/privilege thing.

Is this your go-to now that "transphobe", "bigot" and "TERF" were ineffective.

Because it's actually funnier than the previous ones. Very creative. :D
Pants-of-dog wrote:Is the problem puberty blockers?

Or is it trans kids?

If the former, then puberty blokcers should also be banned for other kids.

If not, then this criticism about puberty blockers seems transphobic.

One such use of puberty blockers is in the case of precocious puberty. There are reasons to put off the start of puberty , besides gender dysphoria. Some adolescents just aren't yet emotionally ready to enter into puberty. From this one article I just found.
If it seems like kids are growing up quicker today than when you were young, it’s not just your imagination.

The average age of puberty has been falling for decades. It’s now around 10.5 years old for girls and 11.5 years old for boys, according to the Endocrine Society. The COVID-19 pandemic sped up the timeline even more: Multiple international studies found a rise in girls seeking care for precocious puberty during 2020 stay-at-home orders.

The condition doesn’t have to disrupt your child’s life. Providers can treat precocious puberty—marked by breast development before age 8 or testes growth before age 9—with hormonal suppressants, also called puberty blockers. With supervision, these reversible drugs safely and effectively delay a child’s development until they’re ready.... Getting a period for the first time, growing breasts or a cracking voice can be scary and confusing when a child isn’t ready emotionally. Parents might not have even had the chance to discuss body changes yet, and the child could be the first in their class to experience these changes.

An early transition—sometimes occurring in kids as young as 6 years old—often hurts self-esteem if left unchecked.

Early puberty is tied to depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance use, especially in girls, and also leaves kids more vulnerable to sexual abuse and harassment.

For children who are transgender and gender-diverse, it can be worse because their maturing bodies may appear as ages and genders that don’t align with how they identify..... Endocrinologists mainly treat precocious puberty with GnRH analogues.

These puberty-blocking drugs postpone the process by suppressing gonadotropin hormone release. They include:

Lupron (leuprolide), a monthly or once-every-three-months intramuscular injection
Fensolvi, a different leuprolide injection administered subcutaneously every six months
Triptodur (triptorelin), a six-month intramuscular injection
Supprelin (histrelin), an annual surgical implant
While puberty blockers have been scrutinized by some due to their use in caring for transgender children, these drugs have been in use since the 1980s and are overwhelmingly safe if used appropriately. Side effects such as bone health risks typically only occur with prolonged use past the age of puberty.

A pediatrician can use these medications to slow down physical maturity to a healthier pace, protect bone growth and help young patients adjust as needed...
@Deutschmania Some of those puberty blockers make you sterile, and have lifelong adverse effects. Any doctor who prescribes those should lose their license.

All puberty blockers should be banned for children. Let children develop normally, and without ideological grooming.
Godstud wrote:@Deutschmania Some of those puberty blockers make you sterile, and have lifelong adverse effects. Any doctor who prescribes those should lose their license.

All puberty blockers should be banned for children. Let children develop normally, and without ideological grooming.

You have provided no concrete evidence. So I can very well dismiss your assertions as being baseless. Like just about every issue involving medical education that we as lay people do not possess , we should in all due deference simply sit down and shut up. Which is what I shall do now. Like seriously, the article I posted from was written by an actual doctor. Who are any of us to dispute it? Politicians should not be meddling with physicians . Medical practice shouldn't be politicized .
The evidence has already been provided in this thread. Lupron is used to chemically castrate people.

Deutschmania wrote:Medical practice shouldn't be politicized .
Politics shouldn't be pushed into medical practice either, but it is. Every person who transitions is worth $Millions to the medical industry, as they now become lifetime patients.

The gender identity ideology shouldn't be pushing genital mutilation, but it is.

Stay away from the children, Degenerates!
Godstud wrote:@Deutschmania Some of those puberty blockers make you sterile, and have lifelong adverse effects. Any doctor who prescribes those should lose their license.

All puberty blockers should be banned for children. Let children develop normally, and without ideological grooming.

Then you think kids undergoing precocious puberty should not get treatment.
@Pants-of-dog I certainly don't think an ideologue, such as yourself, who has no care whatsoever for children, should decide it. All you care about is your virtue signaling for your cult.

Doctors treating people for legitimate diseases and illnesses is one thing. A doctor giving puberty blockers because of how someone FEELS, is something completely different, and you know it. To admit that would be to deconstruct the lies that you have bought into, though. :knife:
Deutschmania wrote:Medical practice shouldn't be politicized .

No, Medical practice shouldn't be profitized. A medical practitioner will say anything if six digits are associated with it. If a genuine medical emergency is needed to prevent puberty, then ok. To basically castrate a child before they understand what they are doing, not. It is scary that users are somehow trying to find wiggle room to justify this actually. It is too late for Canada which is why I give PoD a pass on this kind of stuff. The guy has been indoctrinated to this BS by the best and no doubt is surrounding himself with pink haired Trudeau worshippers. But it isn't too late for Ohio. Stop believing in this nonsense and wake up from your slumber before America turns into a bunch of wailing men wearing wigs waving dildos in the air.
No. You're lying again, @Pants-of-dog. Gender mutilation is not medical treatment. Hormone blockers that HARM children is not treatment.

Transphobia does not exist. It's just what you regurgitate when your CULT is criticized. :moron:
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