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By QatzelOk
Classic definition of "interest"

I am interested in you. I find you an interesting person. This conversation we're having is interesting. I would be interested in continuing to see you and discuss more interesting subjects.

Modern Era definition of "interest"

The money you get from lending money to other people in usury.

This suggests that the only "interest" one should have in other people is the money you can squeeze out of them with racketeering.

When people say "we're good," they are saying that they have no interest in you, but that this will not cause violence. If someone was truly interested in you, they would use more nuanced words to describe your relationship.

Interest = what stolen money generates
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By Neo

I think I triggered you GodStud. You do know that during the Cold War the Soviets targeted common wealth countries which would include Canada?
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By Neo

I mean perhaps Canada felt comfortable being bold given it was under the protection of America's wing.
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By Godstud
@Neo I've just heard this lie for so long that it annoys the shit out of me.

Yes, Canada was a target, and our military accounted for that in its tactics and, more importantly, diplomacy(which Canada has always been very good at). Canada ALSO has always had a great many allies(USA) included. Allies make it so if someone attacks you, they assist. Canada would assist USA troops in Afghanistan, for instance, by leading missions, because we were allied.

The "we protect Canada" BS ignores that we also protect you by being an ally.

Please note that Canada was NOT like USA and that's why we go to Cuba for vacations every year. USSR did not view Canada in the same way as they viewed USA.
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By QatzelOk
Neo wrote:I mean perhaps Canada felt comfortable being bold given it was under the protection of America's wing.

What choice does Canada have? If we have bad or critical relations with the USA, we'll be ruined. Having no choice means you drive your pickup to the mall drugstore, and you can't even imagine being able to participate in your own culture.

Your own culture has been destroyed by the Military Industrial Complex that created your fake nation-state.

And just as the MIC has destroyed our communities by forcing us into car-company and oil-company sprawl, they are destroying our language with commercial propaganda and Psy Ops.
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By Neo

To be honest with you, I can't imagine having bad relations with the Canadians. And I am a big fan of the French Canadians.
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By Neo

Last time I was up in Vermont visiting my wife's family in Burlington, sometimes when driving, somewhat close to the New York or Vermont French Quebec border, you could pick up the French Canadian radio stations speaking in French.

You see French Canadians shopping in upstate New York and upstate Vermont all the time, especially when Canadian currency is stronger against the dollar. You speak fluent French Q?
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By MistyTiger
Growing up in the northeast, I heard quite a bit of anti-Canadian teasing. This was back in the 90s. It was sort of mean, but at the same time, the kids knew that Canada was an ally. There was a movie called Canadian Bacon. One of the shows I watched was Due South. There was a mounted police officer in the show.

I had a history teacher who was Canadian. I liked her.

If I could, I'd move to Canada. I'd prefer Vancouver. I don't like the cold.

Canadian tourists like to visit NH.
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By Neo

If you think New Hampshire is expensive, wait till you see Vancouver! And people in Canada use assisted suicide given they can't be seen by a doctor quickly enough to save them from critical illness because the wait times are too long due to the fact that others in the queue have critical illnesses too.

And you better believe the taxes are alot higher in Vancouver than New Hampshire. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side, until you get there. Life is hard no matter where you go.
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By Godstud
Neo wrote:And people in Canada use assisted suicide given they can't be seen by a doctor quickly enough to save them from critical illness because the wait times are too long due to the fact that others in the queue have critical illnesses too.
I sure hope you are being silly, here...

As a former resident of Vancouver for 20 years I can say that in the province of British Columbia, that we call BC, we joking refer to as BC being an abbreviation for "Bring Cash".

Vancouver was a very lovely are. Good lakes, mountains, the coast, mild climate. All good until you don't see the sun for 3 months during winter.
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By JohnRawls
Godstud wrote:No, @JohnRawls, Those are the stupidest things you've said in a very long time.

Canada is not like a state in the USA. Canada is not protected by the USA. Your ignorance is vast.

Canada's culture is as similar to USA's as Estonia's is. If you only look at the shallow surface you won't see the differences. I doubt you've even visited Canada in your life.

I know its hard to understand Qatz. This dilemma, this colossal monument of thinking has been a black box for me also. But I have transcended to a new plain of understanding and finally know that Qatz is the Canadian version of a redneck. If in US that means "They took our jobs" then in Canada this means "We are not American". It is as simple as that. Seems to be an age old dilemma within the Canadian society.
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By JohnRawls
wat0n wrote:Qatz is a Quebecer LARPing as indigenous, not a Canadian redneck @JohnRawls

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By QatzelOk
Neo wrote:You speak fluent French Q?

Of course. I work in French and speak French in my house.

I also work in English, and have taught ESL to francophones and immigrants.

This "language duality" has given me (and the 55% of the world's people who are bilingual or more...) a certain perspective on the changes in the English language, and the perception that many monolingual anglos have of their one-language competency of "being enough."

It's not enough.

The English language has been whored out to commerce and military propaganda so much in my lifetime... that the words are becoming less and less useful for expressing ideas, and more and more useful in branding ideological positions.

Uh-oh. When your words don't really "work" anymore, your civilization will soon be experiencing rapid decline. The words have been "sold off" like the mininerals of some Third-World Country, or the immune systems of Fake-Pandemic guinea pigs.

Words like "success" "victory" and "progress" will need to be re-defined very soon, and they have been re-defined many times in recent history. Destroying countries and stealing their resources... is the most obvious choice for a new definition of "victory" or "progress."

Perhaps "survival" also needs a new re-vamp to maintain it as a useful word for our leaders as we start to go extinct.

The Word Cemetery
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By Tainari88
@QatzelOk wrote this about @JohnRawls :

Irrelevant. The destruction of the English language will affect all English-speakers, especially Anglo-ass-kissers like yourself.

Well, as a native Estonian I think his English language skills are really very good.


I think he has never visited Canada. I am not sure about him having visited the USA or not.

I have never visited Canada either. I have avoided places where the winter is depressing because as Godstud indicated the sun does not come out.

I lived in Colorado for years. And it is a fairly sunny state. But it is cold in the wintertime in Canada and the sun does not shine a lot in three months. I never liked that.

Q, how are the French speakers in Quebec? How would you describe that community?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

It reminds me of this classic song by Joe Cocker. Sung by a young woman I think from Indonesia named Ariani Nisma Putri:

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By Godstud
@Tainari88 The sun does not come out often in WINTER in Vancouver. Canada is lovely in June, July and August.

"Sorry" is only a hard word because it is an admission of being wrong. Strong people apologize. Weak ones cannot.
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By Tainari88
Godstud wrote:@Tainari88 The sun does not come out often in WINTER in Vancouver. Canada is lovely in June, July and August.

"Sorry" is only a hard word because it is an admission of being wrong. Strong people apologize. Weak ones cannot.

A lot of Asians in Vancouver and people from India too. Lovely lake, and lovely weather. I have seen pictures of it. I just had no one to visit in Vancouver. No one. I know almost zero Canadians. I have met a lot more Canadians in Mexico than I ever have in the USA. I have no idea why. ;)

Prideful people who know they fucked up but refuse to do so because they think the other side wins if they do? Are assholes. I never wait for apologies from assholes. The reason they are assholes is they associate apologies with being weak. Instead it is being humble and being spiritual and being human and humane.

Apologizing when what you say is unjust and unfair and wrong, is the right thing to do.

If you can't because you want to keep false pride? It is terrible.


You know I think it is much harder to apologize when you know the person whom you do not like was right all along.

If you want your marriage to last a long time or for a lifetime? You have to know how to apologize sincerely and admit fault and admit being wrong. If you can't do that? Do not get married.
Does anyone want to discuss the disintegration of the English language and how this might suggest the collapse of the Western financio-military empire?

Or would everyone rather talk about the difference between Canadian and American English, and what Vancouver is like in the winter? :lol:

When your language has lost its ability to communicate nuance, I guess this really limits the intellectual range of what you can discuss. Let me try to limit the following section of this post to what the English language seems to be striving for:



How do you like my new barbecue? It has a lot of special features.

Would you like another hamburger?

When is your next vacation?

How do you like your new Hyundai?


This kind of commercially-focussed vocabulary and sentence structure makes it difficult to discuss more serious subjects such as Societal collapse. wrote:The Stoics of ancient Greece took the view that languages decay, whereas some social Darwinians in the 19–20c have held that languages improve as they evolve.

So Social Darwinists believe that languages evolve and improve. Social Darwinism has long been discredited as a fake science of the rich - like scientific racism has. Stoicism is just emotionless thinking about reality. Which do you practice when you speak or write?

Language Death wiki wrote:Language Death signs and symptoms

1. overgeneralization;
2. undergeneralization;
3. loss of phonological contrasts;
4. variability;
5. changes in word order;
6. morphological loss, such as was seen in Scottish Gaelic in East Sutherland, Scotland (Dorian: 1978) as fluent speakers still used the historic plural formation, whereas semi-speakers used simple suffixation or did not include any plural formation at all;
7. synthetic morphosyntax may become increasingly analytic;
8. syntactic loss (i.e. lexical categories, complex constructions);
9. relexification;
10 loss of word-formation productivity;
11 style loss, such as the loss of ritual speech;[15]
12 morphological leveling;[16]
13 analogical leveling.

The OP and subsequent posts of mine refer to 9. relexification:
Relexification wiki wrote:In linguistics, relexification is a mechanism of language change by which one language changes much or all of its lexicon, including basic vocabulary, with the lexicon of another language, without drastically changing the relexified language's grammar. The term is principally used to describe pidgins, creoles, and mixed languages

So it appears that the English language is going through a process of "relexification" just like pidgin and creole did. Except that, while those two languages slowly moved towards mixing African and European languages... the English lexicon is being transformed into advertising slogans.

A language of advertising slogans will NOT be useful in surviving the natural environment. This might be a lot more serious than people realize.
Trudeau apologizes for history of residential schools

Canada says Pope's apology to indigenous people is not enough

Trudeau apologizes to First Nations in BC

Trudeau visits First Nation, apologizes for skipping earlier invitations

A timeline of apologies from the federal government

Sorry for Canada's past genocides that happened a long time ago?

Meanwhile, in the news TODAY:

Radio-Canada (French) wrote:Silence in Ottawa over arms exports to Israel
Canadian government threatened with lawsuits by NGOs,
while experts recall its obligations under international law.

image courtesy: the Guardian

Canada exports military equipment to many countries, notably to Israel, at war for more than a month against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, where the authorities report thousands of civilians killed. Has Ottawa suspended these sales since the start of the conflict? The Trudeau government remains evasive on this subject.

For Canada to decide to suspend its arms exports to a given country, all it needs is one doubt: is there a serious risk that these weapons will be used to commit or facilitate a serious violation of international law?...

If Justin is sorry for the genocides that Canada participated in historically, can't he see that he is responding to the same forces that these earlier genocidal goverments "responded to?"

*Money and status.
*Sweep money-seeking crimes under the rug in order to enrich the 1%.
*Bring in new people, fabricate a nation, and forget what happened to the nation who used to live there.

I'M so sorry, now give me my money and status!

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