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​QUESTION TO OUR MAGA/Marxist/Nazis members, Will you fight for Alaska ? or you like Trump said many times Will make a sweet deal with putin ?

Moscow EMPIRE denounced the USSR-USA "Shevardnadze-Baker agreement" on maritime boundary of the Bering Strait, and to advance territorial claims against the US in this regard.

I have no idea who this poster is, but for what it is worth, here it is.

Posts falsely claim Russian decree declares sale of Alaska illegal
Tonye BAKARE / AFP Nigeria
January 30, 2024·4 min read

[q]A decree signed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin in January 2024 is fuelling disinformation on social media, including claims that it designated Russia's sale of Alaska to the US in 1867 as illegal.[/q] ... 0Vp6xafkek
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