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By Skynet
Would you do this?

Manipulate your genetic code to be stronger or smarter?

Cool but mind uploading is bullshit, it is not you it is a copy

I hacked my body 17 Years ago with anabolics... 1-Benzylpiperazine for concentration -it is stronger then Crystal Meth-.

Notable persons
Kevin Warwick is a British scientist and professor of cybernetics who has been instrumental in advancing and popularizing cyborg technology and biohacking through his self-experiments.[26][27]
Steve Mann is a professor of electrical and computer engineering who has dedicated his career to inventing, implementing, and researching cyborg technologies, in particular, wearable computing technologies.
Amal Graafstra is known for implanting an RFID chip in 2005 and developing human-friendly chips including the first ever implantable NFC chip.[28] In 2013, he founded the biotech startup company Dangerous Things.[29] He is also the author of RFID Toys[30] and speaker on biohacking topics including a TEDx[31] talk. He has also built a smartgun which is activated by his implants.[32] He has also created an implantable cryptographic processor called VivoKey[33] for personal identity and cryptography applications.
Lepht Anonym is a biohacker and transhumanist known for self-surgeries and material implementation of transhumanist ideologies.[34]
Winslow Strong is a mathematician and physicist.[35]
Tim Cannon is a software developer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of biotech startup company Grindhouse Wetware.[36]
Jeffrey Tibbetts is the organiser of the Grindfest events at his lab in California. He is a biohacking researcher whose work has been featured in a number of sources, such as Gizmodo.[37]
Alex Smith is a well known biohacker for his work developing new implants, such as the Firefly implants.[38] He has spoken at various conferences including DEFCON[39] and been featured in news articles, such as NBC Chicago.[40]
Rich Lee is known for implanting headphones in his tragi in 2013, as well as for his work on a vibrating pelvic implant called the Lovetron9000. His biohacking activities were used as a justification to remove his parental custody rights in 2016.[41][42][43][44]
Brian Hanley is an American microbiologist who became known for being one of the first biohackers to engineer their own DNA using gene therapy for human enhancement and life extension.[45]
Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow implanted a microchip used for the Opal card in Sydney, Australia, though he was subsequently fined $220 for failing to comply with existing transit laws.[46] He also ran against Barnaby Joyce in the Division of New England.[46]
Kai Castledine, creator of KSEC[47] Launched the first distributor of Dangerous Things LLC And Vivokey products in the UK called KSEC Solutions.[48] KSEC also started the worldwide transition of moving microchip implant installations to require a professional. This was through a worldwide partner network called KSEC Cyborg Centers
Pinchy, a UK piercer with 15 years of experience in the industry [49] started installing microchips [50] in 2013. Since December 2018 he’s worked with KSEC Solutions to ensure microchip installations are done by professionals only. This was achieved under the KSEC Cyborg center partnership, which aims to bring products like the Vivokey [51] to the wider public.
Josiah Zayner attempted a full fecal microbiota transplant on himself in February 2016.[52]
Dave Asprey is an American entrepreneur and author and founded Bulletproof 360, Inc. in 2013. Asprey is a biohacker and has written five books regarding the same. Asprey has said that he expects to live to age 180. As of 2019, Asprey said he had spent at least $1 million "hacking his own biology," including having his own stem cells injected into him, taking 100 daily supplements, following a strict diet, bathing in infrared light, using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and wearing special lenses when flying.
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Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that claims the Chinese government is attempting to enhance the capabilities of soldiers through genetic engineering. It’s not the first time such a claim has been made. Ratcliffe’s article, cited in an NBC report, outlined his belief that China is the greatest threat to the United States in terms of military and economic power. ... soldiers-/
It's not hard to believe if anyone were to engage in this sort of experimentation and research, it would be China. That said, I'm sure there isn't any hard evidence to this, so it's all wild speculation. That said, odds are, in the near and mid term, such efforts will not be successful in anyway.

Anyway, it's clear that if any new global conflict is started, it will be started by China, so the world will just have to unite against them.

That said, I want to grow my dick a little bigger. hopefully I can do that.
Puffer Fish wrote:I just want to point out that "hacking" sounds like a really stupid description in this situation.

Can we refer to it as "genetic alterations" or "genetic manipulation" ?

Hacking you can do alone, manipulation sounds like big pharma.
I read somewhere (can not provide a link) which can recognise a face from 1,6 Kilometers distance.

Her Genes would be ideal for CRISPR-9.

This explains also a lot about early astronomy

There is just an ethical question should we change the DNS code of humans? Especially in military where it is hard to say: "No".

I would like to have some electronic enhancment but not change the DNS Code
I keep hearing about this CRISPR everywhere but no one has ever explained it. My imagination is running wild with the name. CRISPR.
Sandzak wrote:
What should this Bill of Rights include?

Good question.

I am not referring to the various attempts at creating a genetic bill of rights by political groups.

They didn't come up with the idea.

We need to speak to the future, to set guidelines. This needs to be done by geneticists. But I can speak to one of the goals they would like to talk about. The first guideline would be to avoid backing our dumb asses into a genetic dead end, and wind up causing our extinction.

I saw a SciAm article about it years ago.
By Rebirth
Puffer Fish wrote:I just want to point out that "hacking" sounds like a really stupid description in this situation.

Can we refer to it as "genetic alterations" or "genetic manipulation" ?

Hacking has some glorious rebellion associated to it (blame entertainment), but isn't it just the process of altering code and/or manipulating a system through its found weaknesses for malicious intent? It's the latter which gives it a youthful buzz, where bio manipulation will probably appear super cool and matrixy to the more youthful mind.

I don't think I will like this future.
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Biohacking I do for 22 Years. Best Biohacking chemicals which are approved by the extremly strict EU-regulations.

Watch "Thomas DeLauer" on Youtube about how to increase your bodys own testosterone production.

Or Anti-Aging same channel
Rancid wrote:
No thanks, and fuck super humans.

Ignore the goofy language.

The important bit is that we know how to live better.

Most of that comes from regular exercise. You know zone 2? Everyone should spend a couple hours a week in zone 2.

Some regular exercise should also be part of it. Use it or lose it. When I hit 50, I realised I was staring at old age, and decided I didn't want to be that person. You know what I mean, weak, frail, bent.

And, at 72, I'm not.

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