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ingliz wrote:The IDF has shot into a crowd killing or injuring around 400 Palestinians in an incident involving an aid truck north of Gaza City this morning.

104 are confirmed dead as of a few minutes ago.

According to Sky News International, one soldier's nerves got the better of him, he fired his weapon, and the rest of his unit joined in in a reflex action.

At this point, anyone still denying the genocide in Gaza is willfully blind.
Unless the amount of goods from airdrops is at least a significant fraction of what Gaza had been receiving before the war, this will not avert imminent starvation nor does it show that the Israeli government and the IDF are providing humanitarian aid as per the interim measures.
Pants-of-dog wrote:Unless the amount of goods from airdrops is at least a significant fraction of what Gaza had been receiving before the war, this will not avert imminent starvation nor does it show that the Israeli government and the IDF are providing humanitarian aid as per the interim measures.

None of that matters because Israel is in 100% control of Gazan airspace, and the idea that they will airdrop any food into Gaza that is not for the purpose of luring civilians into a kill box is a sick joke.
Israel is already allowing the UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt and France have already done airdrops in Gaza :roll:

Doing it at a greater scale would also satisfy the provisional measures ordered by the ICJ while skipping Hamas and UN bureaucracy.

ICJ wrote:(4) By sixteen votes to one,

The State of Israel shall take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to address the adverse conditions of life faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip;

Given that the UN itself said letting around 100 daily trucks cross into Gaza was necessary to meet the needs of its population and that around 100 trucks are crossing into Gaza a day, Israel could even argue it is fulfilling with this part of the order. But more can and should be done.
Or maybe it would actually address the issue i.e. that the aid crossing into Gaza isn't reaching the intended population. This is due to Hamas' appropriations of it and also due to the fighting.

Also, the pre-war figure of 500 trucks a day isn't just humanitarian aid. It includes all types of commodities.

The entry of trucks with human food, medical supplies, non-edibles and hygiene products specifically is at or above the pre-war levels according to this dashboard from OCHA:

PS: Here are some screenshots I just got from today

Spoiler: show


Human food:


Medical supplies:


Hygiene/cleaning supplies:




The fall is driven by everything else, mainly construction material
Saeko wrote:At this point, anyone still denying the genocide in Gaza is willfully blind.

This is not accurate.

The general public who are semi-following this genocide... are often willfully blind. The 99% have learned that in the plutocracy in which they live, pretending not to notice the atrocities of the rich is a lucrative strategy.

But for the policial classes and well-informed, there are other reasons to deny that the Israelis are involved in a genocide against the Palestinian locals that they have been pining to exterminate for almost a century.

Reasons for pretending that Israel isn't trying to genocide the Palestinians:

1. Willfully blind
(the 99%)

2. Bribed with lots of money and fame
(most Western politicians and media)

3. Extortion via Jeffrey Epstein's plane
(some Western politicians and media people)


HIstorically, number 2 (bribes) was the primary way the First Nations of the Americas were genocided. Whether it was railroads in the 19th Century, or Fur traders in the 17th... there was always an entity with lots of money to bribe the political classes of the Americas into "not noticing" the ongoing genocides and ethnic-cleansings.

People who live in the Americas, Australia, or New Zealand (and Spain) are watching the history of their own countries unfold in front of their eyes in Palestine.

Western Logic

1, English got to be the world's default language through genocides.

2, The USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia etc. got to be the richest most self-indulgent societies on Earth through genocide. And they quoted Jesus during the entire process.

3, Spain got to heroically re-claim the Iberian peninsula and the purity of Western Europe through genocide. And Jesus was again featured.

4, Now, try to convince the Israelis that genocide is a bad idea.
Pants-of-dog wrote:
Note that the SA delegation is specifically discussing the lack of food and other humanitarian aid since the beginning of February.

Consequently, this website cannot refute the accusation of deprivation of humanitarian aid.

Israel restricted everything, the population was kept at the edge of malnourishment.. Just enough...

That's why people keep saying they haven't seen starvation show up this quickly before.

Netanyahu's extremists are driving the bus. They are trying to kill enough that Egypt will relent and let the survivors in. Which isn't going to happen.

All of which is to show why I made my predictions, why I had confidence in them, and why they are coming to pass.

They are at Nazi levels of civilian punishment, and on the way towards the other stuff Nazis did.

So much for "Never Again", eh?
late wrote:It didn't track food, just movement.

The actual experts are not only saying it's happening, it's happening fast.

Considering that you are cheerleading mass murder, vindictive, and then some.

It is not Israel's fault Hamas is stealing the aid.

But the data does show that, by January, entry of food into Gaza was at the pre-war levels.

BTW, who are the vindictive people you alluded to here?

late wrote:In this case, he is right.

There prob aren't enough Muslims to throw the state to Trump, and a lot can change between now and November.

And while he wasn't explicit, supporting Muslims could easily piss off another voting block that has a history of vindictiveness...
The 57 trucks are mentioned clearly in the quoted text.


    According to data published by OCHA and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the daily average number of trucks entering Gaza with food, aid, and medicine dropped by more than a third in the weeks following the ICJ ruling: 93 trucks between January 27 and February 21, 2024, compared to 147 trucks between January 1 and 26, and only 57 between February 9 and 21. A survey of impediments to the entry of aid faced by 24 humanitarian organizations operating in Gaza between January 26 and February 15 pointed to a lack of transparency around how aid trucks can enter Gaza, delays and denials at Israeli crossings and inspection points, and concerns about safety of trucks.

The OCHR data has no food security data for 2024. ... indicators
Click on the tab titled Food security. Note that the information only goes to December of last year.
wat0n wrote:I don't see the text there.

Which text?

The indicators for food security is not the same as food imports. We do have data for those, which I provided.

And the indicators they have for crossings do not show February, which is the month in which the Israeli government and the IDF deprived Palestinians of humanitarian aid.

Those indicators shown there are also not very useful right now.

The news article describing only 57 trucks a day is more useful.

That is far clearer in terms of showing how imminent the famine is.
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