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@ingliz You are so full of shit. The book was in a school library where 3rd graders could see it.

You are supporter of an ideology that is pro-Pedo so I shouldn't be surprised that you'd find nothing wrong with this. You follow a cult of degeneracy and perversions.
About blowjobs, Godstud wrote:@ingliz I know you want this disgusting ideology to be taught to small children(preteens) but you don't have to pretend that's not your goal. It shouldn't be available for small children but you won't even accept that since you're too deeply invested in the grooming rhetoric of your cult.

You called other people "ideological" in this thread, and yet you cite Ron Desantis as some kind of model of "non-ideological governance."

So while you think it's "ideological" to teach kids how to give a decent blowjob, you don't realize that it is also "ideological" to support the ethnic-cleansing of Palestine in order to reinforce Jewish power.

I agree that government's shouldn't be in the business of promoting racist ideology, but blowjobs are not racist, while supporting Israel's long-term ethnic-cleansing of the Middle East is.

Racist ideology doesn't seem to be a problem for you. You just don't want Florida teens learning how to give blowjobs because this might negatively impact your blowjob bar.
wat0n wrote:My take from this discussion is that @QatzelOk wants to get "a decent blowjob" from minors.

That's because you're unable to follow a discussion about what "ideological" governance might look like, and what harm it might cause.

As a smear-machine for organized crime, this discussion is "out of your pay grade." :lol:

@Pants-of-dog If you put it to a vote, you'd find out that the Democracy is against fools, like you, pushing sexuality onto children for your degenerate fascist ideology. Don't talk about Democracy as if you have a fucking clue about what it actually is.

The only reason for your ideology being prolific is because it is being pushed by the government bowing to an extremely small perverse minority. That's not democratic, and you have shown time and again that Democracy is what you are against. :knife:
@Pants-of-dog No one has ever said anything about depriving rights, you lying fool. Children should not be exposed to your pedophilic ideology of child grooming and sexualizing.

Pants-of-dog: "Anyone who criticises any aspect of my cult is a transphobe and bigot!"
Desantis made it illegal for cities in Florida to protect people who work in the hear outdoors, as well as limiting the power of police oversight boards.

Who needs oversight for the violent arm of the state anyway, right? We have trans people to worry about!
Trans people are just people. They have no less and no more rights than anybody else. Fuck your pedophilic ideology of child exploitation, grooming, and sexualization.

Adults trans people have the same rights as other adult people.
wat0n wrote:Should schools have books on phrenology, astrology, conversion therapy and other pseudoscience to cater to that public?

The young need to be scared into some kind of moral paralysis that allows Judeo-Christian superstitions to control them with fear?

You're just another book-burner from some witch-infested hollow.

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