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This lawyer's "crime"? Merely being present at a meeting, and presumably helping to give legal advice.

Because of that, she was accused by state authorities (in the U.S.) of being a criminal "accessory" to the Trump campaign team's attempt to appoint false electors representing the state of Georgia for the Presidential election.

This seems like another attempt to go after anyone who supported Trump with a vengeance.

Perhaps I am wrong, but this is my understanding from what I am reading in the article, and from what I was able to pull up in a few other places.

First of all, it should be pointed out that even though this team was sending people to falsely and fraudulently claim they were the appointed electors from the state of Georgia, there is a really no way this was ever going to fool anyone. It's not that difficult to determine who the actual electors are from the relevant state officials who are in charge of appointing them. Rather, probably this was all to give the Vice President an excuse to delay counting the votes for the electors, in order to give states time to possibly change their minds. (A strategy that, historically, Democrats used successfully in the state of Hawaii in 1960, although in that case it wouldn't have ended up changing the outcome of the national election)
It can also be pointed out that the plan to send the false electors to try to cast votes did not end up happening, although some preemptive official papers were signed to prepare for the plan, in which the individuals falsely made the claim to be appointed electors.

Many Democrats have it in their mind that this was a "plot" for Trump to fraudulently be able to win the election and be reelected as President. Whether they actually believe it, or whether they just want to convince themselves to believe it to be able to have another accusation against Trump, whom they hate.
An irony is that Trump's plan was an attempt to expose suspected fraud by Democrats, by buying time and delaying the final election decision.

But this lawyer did not actually take any actions to send those false electors.

"The evidence surrounding her plea reflects that she aided and abetted the false statements at issue through her presence at the Georgia Senate Subcommittee meeting but did not otherwise contribute to drafting or preparing the false statements," the settlement said, concerning the suspension of her law license in Colorado.

"Charging documents also noted Ellis's various communications and meetings with lawmakers in other key swing states."​

This is an example of how the justice system pushes people to apologize and act like they did something wrong, even if that person did not do something wrong, or did not actually do something illegal. They have to put on a show like they are sorry because they fear harsher punishment if they do not.

Jenna Ellis made a plea agreement with prosecutors Georgia, pleading guilty to one count of "aiding and abetting false statements and writings", and was then sentenced to five years of probation, 100 hours of community service and ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution and write a letter of apology to Georgia citizens.

It should be pointed out that a person pleading guilty does not mean they are guilty. (The system can intimidate and coerce defendants to plead guilty, because they are afraid the punishment will be much harsher if they do not plead guilty, and there is often good reason to think so)

In exchange for pleading guilty, the prosecutor dropped the charges of "conspiracy" (under the state's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law that carries potentially harsh penalties) and "soliciting a public officer to violate their oath".

In Colorado, Jenna Ellis reached an agreement with authorities for her license to practice law to be suspended for three years. She must file a petition if she wants to reinstate her Colorado law license.

Former Trump attorney has Colorado law license suspended for attempting to overturn 2020 election results, Lauren Irwin, The Hill, May 28, 2024

Of course the media is gloating that she was convicted and had her law license suspended, and that she is now expressing apology, but I would be curious if anyone could explain exactly and precisely what she did wrong, or what she did that was illegal.
And I mean without resorting to vague characterizations and overgeneralizations.

I would say that it is NOT clear and obvious how what she did is wrong or illegal.

At the very least, this case is a legal grey zone.
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