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MistyTiger wrote:I am stingy. Also, I don't stream much anymore. I doubt a VPN would be that useful for me. :)

Fairy Nuff. :)
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By Skynet
Back to energy drinks: Taurin an ingredient of Energys increased the lifespan of mice by 12% (10 years more for a human)

Coffein helps building muscle, it converts your testosterone in dihydrotestosterone wich is x5 stronger, but DHT can lead to baldness and can enlarge your prostata.
I'll stick to my "medium" coffees in my Mocha Frappes :D and the occasional cappuccino.
Back in the late 70s/early 80s I used to buy the worlds best coffee for 8 bucks a pound.

So here is my 2 cents..

We used science to make coffee better, a lot better. Espresso happened because coffee was very expensive, and that extracted as much as possible.

I see it as an obsolete technology.

To me, it's good and bad, not strong versus weak.

The best easy way to make coffee is a French Press. It's not easy, but the best way to make really good coffee without spending massive amounts of money is to blend together 2 or 3 coffees. You want to broaden the taste profile, say by combining a chocolatey coffee with one that has a subtle fruitiness.

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