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wat0n wrote:I actually think it is @Deutschmania who's projecting and actually arguing in bad faith.

All the studies are pointing to you as the bad faith, non-debater.

And you also bring out the worst in Pants-of-dog, who seems to naively think that you can be taught new tricks.

But you can't, and you don't recognize or research the valid points of other posters. This makes you a pure troll. Almost 100% troll, which is very high... even for Pofo. :lol:
Israel has run an apartheid state for the last 57 years. It has run the occupied territories as Bantustans denying the inhabitants the rights of citizenship. Most people and most governments are happy to ignore this, at most pay lip service to a solution. If you run a Apartheid state for 57 years its no good whining like a bitch if the occupied people succeed in committing counter atrocities. Its no good whining like a bitch when some of your people suffer. Most of the victims would be considered innocent. Again this is conflict, really innocent people bear the brunt of the suffering.

Some Liberal Zionists just say give us a blank check to destroy Hamas and then we will give the Palestinians a state. This is a lie. It should be blatantly obvious that this is a lie. There is a very simple test of Zionist good faith. If Israel really is committed to a Palestinian state, give the Palestinian Authority control over the Jordan Valley. Give them the weapons to force out the relatively small numbers of Jewish settlers if they refuse to leave. Do this today, not next week, not next month or next year. Do it now. The Zionists will not do this because they have absolutely no intention of granting a real Palestinians State. What they mean by Palestinian State is enhanced Bantustans.
The fact that Zionists in this thread have now justified Israeli use of terrorism (as an incorrect and useless way of refuting the claim) supports the claim that both sides support terrorism and neither side has a moral high ground.

Except that one side is not engaged in genocide right now, while the other aide is being protested.
Pants-of-dog wrote:I have no idea why liberals and centrists find it so unbelievable that students would want to protest an ongoing genocide. Now they are trying to convince themselves that the protests are being run out of Tehran.

North Americans and Western Europeans (Globalistan) are totally blind to the atrocities that their countries have committed and continue to commit. This is one of the primary purposes of bankster-controlled media: to give an entirely false impression of what is happening.

As Balzac said, "every large fortune begins with an atrocity." And as more billionaires are created this way in the present, their media will tell us to look elsewhere for "bad guys."

Commercial media has created bad guys for the average Globalistanian for many decades. Many of us live in a "media reality" that can't be easily broken, even with heavy doses of "reality."
The opinion of. alone Zionist who thinks everyone is antisemitic and secretly hates Jews is not an argument.

It is highly implausible to assume all the protesters are secretly antisemitic simply because it aligns with an ideological choice on the part of said Zionist.
Yes, if you assume the IDF are the Good Guys and can “never do wrong”, then it cannot possibly be genocide and all the people protesting must have ulterior motives and are antisemitic and want to kill all the Jews and are the Bad Guys.

Or, more plausibly, the IDF and Israeli government are human and can commit atomic just like anyone else, there is a large amount of evidence for the claim of genocide, and the people protesting are doing it for a myriad of motives.
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