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The assasination of Empress Myeongseong was one of the very rare true "olympus has fallen" operations in history. She was the last empress of Korea:

She was married to emperor Gojong. Gojong himself was a very weak emperor. The empress virtually ruled the country with an iron fist. She did evrything to oppose Japan and to destroy good relations between the empire of Korea and the Empire of Japan. She called Japan barbarians and wanted better relations with russia to block Japan.

After many of her wrong decissions it as decided in Japan that she must be removed. Our minister Miura Gorō who was reponsible for all matters regarding Korea created a plan that would remove Empress Myeongseong in a way that would not cost much human lifes. The goal was to do what was necessary without war.

On 8 October 1895 an elite group of japanese soldiers stormed the korean imperial palace. They overpowerd the royal guards and walked into the inner circle of the palace to search the empress. Eye witnesses say that they found 3 courtwomen. One of them was the empress and killed them on the spot:


The body of the empress was burned on the palace grounds to prevent a future cult around her:


All japanese soldiers returned back Japan. To ease the situation between Korea and Japan a trial started but all were set free because lack of evidence.

After the removal of the empress the korean emperor Gojong showed a much better behavior towards Japan and signed peace treaties and other treaties which granted better relations between Japan and Korea.

I think that could be a solution for the today conflict with North Korea as well. It would save much human life on both sides. We should learn from the past and use sucessful tactics.
That's the right idea, Akuma - soften them up before the forthcoming invasion. My God, you Japanese are almost British!
She was anti japanese and not good towards her people. War would have been inevitable. Imagine if we would have started a conventional war. She would have sit in her palace and send tenthousands into death.

You know, if it wasn't for your avatar, I would almost think you were British when you say things like that.
rational thinking is not bound on nationality. Just look on the current situation with North Korea. If you start a war to end the madness it will end with tenthousands of death. It was the same situation back then. Tody it is South Koreas duty to do something. The problem must be solved from Korea today and not from Japan or USA. The situation today is similar to situation back then. And why bitish? As far as i know the british did not send elite troops to kill emperor Wilhelm II. They also did send no elite squad to kill Washington. What we did was relative unique in history. Japan did not plan a war. It went direct to the head. According to witness (even western ones) our soldiers just came inside the palace and shouted where the empress is. People in the palace were not harmed but had to lay on the ground or were sourounded from our soldiers to cause no trouble. And it appears there was some support from korean generals.

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