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Potemkin wrote:HL Mencken was a cool guy, and I can recommend his work. He was, in a certain sense, the anti-Trump. He despised populism, obscurantism and democracy (which he thought were all connected, and all equally pernicious). He was wonderfully cynical and sceptical about pretty much everything (except concerning his own awesomeness, of course), and he had a great turn of phrase. He is very quotable. However, his political position was... somewhat questionable. He hero-worshipped Mussolini and regarded FDR as a traitor for taking America into WWII on the Allies' side. My own attitude towards Mencken is that he was smart enough to despise bourgeois liberal democracy, but not quite smart enough to become a Communist. Lol.
He was a racist, thus he has become outmoded, his statue must be taken down and he can not be quoted anymore.

He has now become a mere relic of the past that does not fit with the current morality.

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