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The struggle against the organization "Islamic State" in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) is coming to an end. The forces of the SAR, with the support of the Russian Air Force and Iran, crushed the main group of ISIS terrorists in Syria. And although the hostilities continue, Asad's government consistently regains control of the country, and Russia and Iran have strengthened their political and military positions. Unlike the US, who lose in Syria, showing their own weakness. That is why Washington and its regional allies deployed a real positional war in Syria.
At the same time, the US is trying to consolidate its presence in Syria. Washington, using a large concentration of its troops in the north of Syria, and not letting the Syrian and Russian armed forces enter there, creates military bases, where US special forces are training detachments of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), consisting of Kurds and allied Arabs.
Moreover, on January 14, the United States announced plans to create SDF "border security forces" with a strength of 30,000 to control the Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish border on Syrian-controlled territory. After these statements, Washington secretly handed over to the armed formations of Kurds in the Afrin area several portable anti-aircraft missile systems with surface-to-air missiles that were delivered from Iraqi Kurdistan.
This decision by the Americans to create a 30-thousand-strong frontier corps of Kurds, although there is no Kurdish state or its official borders, as well as deliveries to Kurdish formations portable anti-aircraft missile systems caused discontent in Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Ankara. Turkish President Erdogan called the above-mentioned initiative of the Americans an attempt to create a new "terrorist army" and, having declared an "attack" on his country's sovereignty, threatened to destroy the "border forces" that prevented the Turks from protecting their national interests on the adjacent territory.
On January 20, Turkey launched the "anti-terrorist" operation "Olive Branch", directed against the Kurdish armed formations of the SDF and the people's self-defense units. Turkey's ally was the "Syrian Free Army."
Meanwhile, it was the US that provoked Turkey for military actions against the Kurds. Official Ankara repeatedly expressed its discontent with Washington, accusing it of supplying weapons to the "People's Self-Defense Forces."
However, the US is not going to leave Syria. At the same time, Washington intends to preserve and increase its military forces in this country and to give its military presence there a long-term character. The US goal is to create, with the help of Kurds in northern Syria, a corridor connecting Iraq with the Mediterranean Sea.
Political analysts note that a new round of the conflict in Syria is provoked by contradictions in relation to the Kurds on the part of NATO allies. Turkey regards the Kurds as terrorists, and the United States as allies in the fight against the ISIS. Washington is trying to strengthen the Kurds, Ankara is trying to prevent their domination in northern Syria. In this case, Washington is unlikely to give up the support of the Kurds and will agree to the loss of a small control in Syria. Given that the Kurdish formations are based on the Americans, the White House is entirely responsible for what is happening. The Americans are building Syrian Kurdistan to fragment Syria, exert a critical influence on Turkey and create a single Kurdistan that will become the new "ulcer" of the Middle East. Now it became clear that the Syrian conflict has reached a new level of escalation.

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