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Zionism is poison to the world. It not only promotes cultural oppression, but it also promotes social hierarchy, and a favoritism towards the Jews.

Zionists made socialist movements look bad so that people can go against socialism. Zionists do this so that people can support a Zionist, globalized capitalist empire. Zionists also culturally promote capitalist values to make people hate socialism even more. And here are some examples:

Zionists Created Social Media Websites Such As Facebook To Make People Compete Against Each Other - Zionists Americanized Eastern Europe with social media nearly 10 or 15 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They taught that people who use social media sites like Facebook are "Cool." Basically, social media sites that have Zionist roots make people competitive, so that the masses are alienated. Those who get more Likes, Followers, Favourites, Subscribers, or Friends on Zionist social media websites are to be respected more, while leaving out those who don't. And how do some people try to get more likes or followers on these Zionist websites?

- Traveling and taking pictures, so that traveling companies can make more money. Tourist attractions, old Churches of whom people take pictures by, expensive resorts, and CHARGED beaches make money out of this, manipulating people to do these things to look "Cool" so that companies like this can make money.

- You can buy followers and likes. Companies who use fake bots or old social media accounts that have not been used for at least several years make money by selling followers and likes.

- People take pictures in OVERPRICED clothing so that scamming companies such as Ralph Lauren (Which is a Zionist enterprise) can make lots of money. Zionist social media websites teach people that taking pictures in expensive clothing makes people look cool, so that scamming companies can get richer.

Hollywood - Hollywood makes socialism look bad so that people can go against it. Zionist Hollywood promotes capitalist values within its media to get people to think that capitalist way of life is good, so that they can contribute to the profits of the capitalist elite.

Pornography - Zionists stole the pleasures of free sex so that Zionists who don't have the ability to work can live off of selling recorded prostitution. Pornography is exploitative, and it enslaves those who are involved. In a socialist society, people are free to have sexual pleasures. But the Zionists made free sex look bad with exploitative charged pornography.

You cannot build a society with selling "Likes" or "Followers." You cannot build a society by selling beach trespassing slips. You cannot build a society by selling overpriced shirts. You cannot build a society by selling recorded sex. So Zionists have to traumatize socialism so that no one can support it, and that people can contribute to the cultural elements of capitalism, so that capitalism will still be supported. The masses would still lack real consciousness, but only in a contemporary, Zionist manner.
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By colliric
[Zag Edit: Removed deleted quote]

p.s. I've forgotten, what type of Jew are you? Ashkenazi? Sephardic?

Seriously asking actually.
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Anyone who resists Zionist culture is laughed at, mocked, labeled "racist" out of political correctness, and have anti Zionist caricatures done on them so that the resistors of Zionism can get traumatized of non Zionist culture, so that they can become Zionists.

That's what Zionists do. They traumatize ANYTHING that's not Zionist so that people can support Zionism. Labeling things as "lame," laughing at elegant people who have basic hygiene, and peer pressure are some examples of Zionist conditioning.

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