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Japan uses Trump and Kim Jong-un in order to bully China

http://timeline.sakura.ne.jp/01/n/1/9/1 ... .html#4_30

Japanese Emperor is going to resign.

The date is extremely important.

So, the Japanese government chooses April 30, 2019.

To tell the truth, during the 20th century, Japan's most hilarious event is that Japan robs China in 1919.

During World War I, the Japanese Empire seized the opportunity to expand its sphere of influence in China.

Many events are prepared for its 100th anniversary.

One of them is Brexit.

Another one is North Korea–United States Summit (twice).

They are yet the tip of the iceberg in Japan's conspiracy.

Japan's celebrities are probably laughing in a loud voice behind the scenes.

This kind of bullying is a typical Japanese aristocrats' attitude throughout the history.
Trump is Japan's saviour and he will be invited to the new emperor's inauguration in May, where he will be the first foreign leader who meets with the new emperor. Trump single-handedly knocked down China and North Korea like a superhero in a comic book. Donald Trump is expected to visit Japan for three days on May 26, meaning he will be the first official foreign guest received by the new emperor. Probably Japan is the only country the world where he is warmly welcomed. Trump had to cancel a planned visit to the UK.

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