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Any other minor ideologies.
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SSDR wrote:People living free like how you personally desire does lead to gang violence, people burning each other's homes, and apartment break ins for social revenge.

Humans are nasty creatures. I would rather live under an oppressive government that has a very different ideology than me, like monarchism or fascism, then be "Free" around people who can do Whatever they want to me.

My "imagination at work" is not "imaginary." It is real. Areas that have more freedom have higher rates of crime, social instability, and violence. Run down areas have more social freedom than safer, non ghetto areas that have more social order.

Those run down areas are more oppressive to me than safer areas because in run down ghetto areas, people break into homes more, steal cars, flatten tyres, smash various windows, burn things, and beat up random people (more social violence, gangster violence) much more than in safer areas that have more order, and have more authorities involved in the population that help prevent crime and social chaos.

In Germany, the areas that have the highest crime rates are the northwestern part, where anarchist and radical liberal politics are dominant, and where it is the most Americanized.

You think that drunk drivers should not get any penalty? Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous activities that a human can do to a man made machinery.

@SSDR Speaking as to myself , I am considerate of the point of view of Otto Strasser , of all people , on the subject of criminal justice . And I do not think that he could rightly be considered to have been a " neo-Marxist" , although knowing you , you might disagree .
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