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Palmyrene wrote:I forgot the "you" in-between "argument" and "so". It's not particularly hard to understand.

Oh, I see.

So, you're saying it should've been this?

"when you don't have an argument you so act like a grammar nazi"

Yeah, because that makes so much more sense...
Pants-of-dog wrote:Why does the US want to turn away actual asylum seekers?

I would not want any strangers to come around where I live. They could secretly be terrorists. They could trash up where I live. There are a lot of dangerous people out there who use the "if you speak up about me raping her, I will call you RACIST!" as a cover up to get away from their dangerous and harmful actions.

Would you want strangers to come where you live and wreck everything up because "it is racist to speak up against rape?"

This is a misrepresentation of facts.

Sweden doesn't have more rape than any other place. Argueably it has less.

What it does have is more convinctions and so more assault victims actual report because they have more faith in the justice system. Consent is also taught from kindergarden as well.

Rape is under the umbrella phrase, sexuallvaldtakt which means sexual violence. So rape, assault, harassment, etc. are all grouped under one statistic. In other words, a man who flashes his penis is categorized under the same group as gang rape.

But way to show your ignorance.
Pants-of-dog wrote:I see that @SSDR is unaware of the fact that Sweden’s recent increase in sexual assault is due to the different way they now count sexual assault statistics.

It is actually mentioned in one of SSDR’s sources: ... comparison

So you believe that rape rates are higher in Sweden not because of the Middle Eastern migrants, but rather because on how the Swedish state reports its statistics?
Pants-of-dog wrote:Because I actually read the Wikipedia article to which you linked.

Did you read the circle graph that was below that?

Over half of the rapists in Sweden are either from Africa or Asia.

The population of Sweden is far more native than it is African or Asian.

The most common foreign born nationalities add up to under 8% of the whole population. Yet, they make up over 50% of the rape counts.
Pants-of-dog wrote:You are looking solely at convictions, not all rape cases.

Exactly. The amount of all rape cases that are not properly reported are even HIGHER for the foreign born population than it is for the native Swedish population. You are proving my point that you claim to go against.
It stand to reason that racism would play a significant role in determining which cases ho all the way to court and have successful convictions.

SSDR wrote:Why do you believe that native Swedes rape far more than what is properly recorded?

Because that is how it is in every country and in every era in history.

If the state is "racist" to not reported native Swede rape convictions, then why would they accept those Middle Eastern and Balkan immigrants?

Because “the state” is not a monolithic hive mind.
Pants-of-dog wrote:Because that is how it is in every country and in every era in history.

Yes, because most people do not feel comfortable around those who are very different than them. No Swede in Sweden wants Sweden to turn into Afghanistan. Swedes in Stockholm do not want Stockholm to turn into Kabul. Do you feel that this is wrong?
Because “the state” is not a monolithic hive mind.

Now you are claiming that the Swedish state is not "racist."
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