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Germany during WW2:

Invaded countries,
Bombed countries,
Committed genocide against the Jews,
Colonized countries,
Murdered millions of people

And Japan pretty much did the same.

America over the years:

Invaded countries,
Bombed countries,
Committed genocide against the Natives Americans,
Colonized countries,
Murdered millions of people


But how come America is able to get away with it but Germany and Japan didn't?
At present, there's no one in a position to stop the US, at least by military means. The US empire is busily deconstructing itself, and allowing it to do so seems the least destructive course. Other nations are constructing alternative trade, monetary, and defense arrangements, as the traditional US-based systems continue to break down.
Pre-WW2 the U.S was constrained to an extent by the competing European imperial empires. But then in the 20th century they focused more on fighting each other, reaching its peak in the 1930s & 40s, so the U.S benefitted from the negative factors of imperialist competition and geopolitical realities.

It was able to invade the Philippines, parts of the Caribbean & lord over Latin America, but that's it. After WW2, well, Europe was devastated & the Empires broken up because of the waves of nationalism, etc. All very convenient for American imperialists in the U.S ruling class. Very convenient.
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