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The nuclear submarine "Khabarovsk", the second in the Russian Navy carrier of the strategic complex "Poseidon", will be launched before the end of the year. It was previously reported that it will be on the water in 2020. According to open sources, the ship will not only carry six Poseidons - this drone in the media has already been nicknamed the "Torpedo of the Apocalypse" but also a fundamentally new nuclear power plant. Phoenix, intended for fifth generation submarines. In terms of compactness and efficiency, it far surpasses the current reactors and works without recharging the fuel the entire service life of the submarine.
The US has an even more powerful new submarine coming out later this year. Way ahead of the now outdated Russian one.

According to RT:

Called the Puerto Rico Class pursuit submarine it can travel underwater its entire life cycle, harvesting animal protein from the sea and food for its hydroponic gardens. The crew are all genetically recruited to produce essential vitamins without sunlight and to have very low libidinous expectations . The fact that they are members of the Army Special Sea Habitat Adapted Troops and not typical Navy sailors has greatly reduced training time

The PR class submarines (The first one is the Manual B. Chavez) are armed with 5 hyper speed cruise missiles capable of attacking anywhere in the globe in less than an hour and most targets in a matter of minutes. They also carry 16 hunter/killer independent torpedoes capable of IFF through wastewater DNA sniffing and neuro---electric hostility analysis. With a maximum sustained underwater speed reported to be "in excess of 70 knots" and a crush depth of over 18,000 feet it can dive deeper than any Russian or Chinese torpedo can travel. Its own BM-88 Mark VI torpedoes can operate at 20,000 feet or more. Surface detection is accomplished by the release of micro-drones which communicate with a new generation of micro satellites.

Once launched the "Manny Chavez" as its new crew refer to it, will be expected to conduct independent operations completely de-linked from the normal military command structure. Its command team will be able to take independent action and gain retroactive approval up to two years later.

When asked for comment Russian officials simply denied any such ship exists and that the extant pictures are fake but sources speaking on the condition of anonymity confirm that the reports are "spot on and frightening".
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