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By Patrickov
I learned this news from my father, who watched the video from a local media outlet.

Seriously the woman had been rather forceful, although the Pope's response might be a bit too literal as well.

IMHO the offender looked like a Mainland Chinese. But since she did not speak Putonghua we can never be sure on where she came from.
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By Godstud
Looks justified in both cases, to be honest. :lol:

Yes, the "dude" is human.
By Atlantis
I'm glad I'm not a national leader. Having to hold hands with Trump could freak out the saintliest of saints.

Trump is so disgusting. He denigrates and hurts people at a whim and then expects the pope to hold hands with him.

Trump caressing the pope's hand with his pinkie is just so obscene.
By ness31
What did the offender actually say to the Pope? Anyone?

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