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In the 1950s we shoved a dictator down Iran's throat.

They got rid of him in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, we talked Iraq into going to war against Iran, to punish them. A generation of Iranian males died in that war. This left a bigger scar on the Iranian psyche than our civil war did on us.

To try and prevent this from happening again, they would build the ability to do to us what we did to them. We attacked them using a proxy, they developed proxies in the ME, in Asia, in Africa. They tried to set up shop here, but it seems we caught them. At least we think we got them all.

Soleimani was the architect of that, and in doing so returned a sense of security and pride to the country. The last American we loved that much was Ike.

He was brilliant, and the kind of guy that would have a plan for Iran to follow if we killed him. That worries me.

Don't get me wrong, Iranians are Persians, and Persians are smart and devious. But this guy was something else. He knew how to hurt us.

This is going to hurt, either way.

So much winning.
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