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I am taking a little vakay from POFO. Foreign Affairs is one of the most intellectually challenging things a president does, so it should come as no surprise that Trump is worse than useless at it.

But explaining why is a different story.

I wasn't getting the traction I needed, so F it..

One of the things I said earlier is that I worried that Soleimani had written a plan on what to do if he was killed. Iran is talking about going to the International Court, building support in the UN, and restricting their moves to military targets. These are not the sentiments of people blinded by rage. I can't tell you if that will work, I can tell you they are working on our weaknesses.

It looks like Bloomberg is sucking support from Biden. Biden can't afford to lose any more. Bernie doesn't scare guys like Bloomberg as much as Warren does; so I don't expect him to be attacked from all sides the way Warren was. Which means, at the moment and subject to change without notice, the political surf is favoring Bernie, for now. Hang ten, big guy.

The only thing that is important in TrumpWorld is Trump. It is becoming quite clear there was no imminent danger, Trump thought this was good for Trump.

After the JCPOA, Iran was cooperating with us on a number of minor matters. Between the nuke deal, and the cooperation, that was a huge improvement.

Trump blew that straight to hell. Now we are a whisper away from war. The question that I am asking, is that while Iran makes a dozen, and more, moves against us, is Trump going to play his last card? I think the answer is yes. The economy wouldn't stand the strain.

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