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I think we all know that the problems between the U.S. and Turkey don’t really revolve around Russian weapons systems. The issue here is that Turkey is a NATO country that the present U.S. administration and large portions of the U.S. military think shouldn’t be in NATO. This is a by-product of an obvious degradation in Turkish relations with the West in general and the U.S. in particular. It isn’t going to get better short of Erdogan being ousted by Turkish nationalists which seems unlikely.
First of all, Cyprus is the one that bought the S-300 from Russia and not Greece. Cyprus is not in NATO and up until a week ago was subject to a US arms embargo and as such had turned her attention to Russian weapon systems. When Cyprus bought the S-300 in the 90's, Turkey had a fit of rage and it was Turkey who begged the US to interfere and broker the existing agreement under which the Cypriot S-300 were relocated to Greece and were later integrated to NATO training.

Greece received the S-300 from Cyprus rather than Russia and this issue had resulted to several problems for Greece in the west at the time culminating in the US adopting the Turkish national positions in all Greco-Turkish related issues as eventually expressed through the Annan Plan for Cyprus that was a total capitulation to Turkish demands as well as a plethora of other issues.

Eventually the S-300 were integrated into NATO's training and it has taken about 2 decades for Greece to rejoin the fold.

So both of these assertions here are wrong:

a) Greece did not buy Russian systems. Cyprus did and Greece was asked by NATO and the US to store these weapons for Cyprus. An arrangement that suited everyone and most of all NATO itself.
b) Greece had several diplomatic problems because of it anyway.
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