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Lol.... It's like Harry was upset with Prince Andrew taking all the "Royal Scandal" spotlight for a few weeks or so and wanted to upstage him.

What a Farce....

.....and I'm still a hardcore Australian Monarchist. Still hate the idea of being a republic.
blackjack21 wrote:Something tells me that marriage isn't going to last...

More like the Royal Family has served its purpose and its best to jump ship before it sinks.

Nonetheless who gives a shit anyway? Harry is no longer a stain on the tax payer and has flown the nest. Only wish more of them will do likewise.
Harry & Meghan hope to create a celebrity empire a la Kardashians, they have trademarked logos and approached PR companies to help them manage their Royal profile independently of the Royal institution. It seems to me that Harry is an idiot enough to sell out the institution of the Monarchy for some pussy that wants to be more of a celebrity than she already is now. He is more of a disappointment than one would have thought. For Meghan whatever happens this can only be a win. If she succeeds she will be the one who made it where Diana failed, if not she will be the one who broke the Royals. Either way she will be cheered. Harry on the other hand not so much so. Either way he will have lost something.
To break the Royals she has already achieved. Harry no longer considers himself bound by the Royal institution. She already has that under her belt and if she succeeds financially in her endeavour, it will sap away even more from the respect the institution commands. She will commercialise the Royal name, disparage it and have US PR companies infantilise it. She has set out to make Kardashians out of the Royals.
Harry does not have one drop of Windsor (AKA von Sacksen-Coburg) blood in his veins.
He is the result of an out-of-wedlock fuck by his adulterous mother.
She fucked body guards and other persons with penises.
And then he marries a divorcee older than him.
Bye Harry.
Let's see how long the lust lasts.
Man, what a harsh thread! Harsh harsh harsh.

There’s just something about the Royal Family that makes me pity them. It appears as if they have no individual autonomy and I personally consider that to be the cruelest fate.
Now, I’m no fan of this Meghan lass, but what she does have is independence, and she is going to teach Harry and hopefully the rest of the Royals (who so desire) how to be independent. She’s going to teach em how ‘not to give a fuck’.

And if that’s what she does, then I may actually end up liking her. Because those poor people deserve privacy and the ability to be selfish sometimes without impunity.

Maybe this American woman will get it right this time round.
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of interest Americans take in our Royal family.

The amount of mouth frothing invective about horrible the British press have been to their darling princess I've been reading about...screwy.

At the engagement interview she claimed not have known who Harry was ( yeah, right) then said all she wanted to know was, was he "kaind?" ( oh, my fucking good god).

Ah well, she's their problem now...and Harry's, though it serves the flakey sod right.

This must be awful for the Queen, who has enough to worry her at the moment; but I'm full of admiration for how she's handling this and I'm sure something will be sorted soon.
So British..

This combines Brit insularity, problems with class and with racism.

Their reactions to outsiders gaining prominence can be surprisingly intense. Their class traditions are a constant problem, and while they are less racist than Americans, there is no questions that it's part of this.

Pretty much everyone was expecting trouble, but I wasn't expecting this much, this fast.

I'd like to think this could become a learning experience, but despite being an ardent Anglophile, I seriously doubt it.
Seriously it is a non-news.

The royal succession is very secure to William's line anyways. Even if just one or two of them marry and breed normally, Harry's line will still fall down the succession list very swiftly.

Look up the generations, even the Queen's younger sister -- Princess Margaret, was not different.

Leave them alone.
Patrickov wrote:
Seriously it is a non-news.

The royal succession is very secure to William's line anyways. Even if just one or two of them marry and breed normally, Harry's line will still fall down the succession list very swiftly.

Look up the generations, even the Queen's younger sister -- Princess Margaret, was not different.

Leave them alone.

At this point, the Royals are a tourist attraction as much as anything else, even more than the nostalgia factor. They bring in a lot of bucks.

IOW, they and their antics are, at least in a limited way, advertising for the Emerald Isle.
Fantastic news!

I am genuinely surprised, almost shocked by how quickly this has happened. I was very clear that Meghan was the weakest link in the Royal family. Her jet set Green activism. The Holywood princess who wants to encourage women to go into STEM, the whole Royal equality mongerer. She was the gift that just kept on giving. I'm almost sad that she's gone so quick, before we really had a chance to have some fun.

So first we need to make sure she's completely gone. its very important to do one job at a time. So much about politics is about priorities. But when she is definitely gone we go after Charles. The Queen could die at any moment. We need to be ready. When it comes to that moment I'm leaning towards the slogan "Not his bitch."

Above all I say to my fellow republicans don't fall for the "Andy ruse." They were trying use Prince Andrew as the sacrifice. They were trying to use Andrew's sacrifice to protect, Charles, William, Kate, Harry and Meghan. Notice how they were prepared to make the Queen look a bit bad by her over indulgence of Andrew. They're not worried about the Queen, they're worried about what comes after.
Zionist Nationalist wrote:How can the British public tolerate those royal cunts

prince harry and william are ok but the others (prince andrew,Charles,queen elizabeth) are evil self entitled cunts those people are completely disconnected from the public and I wonder why the public is accepting to keep paying for their aristocratic lifestyle

Seriously, many more professional politicians are even more disconnected. For example, I rather have these aristocrats than Chinese Communist scums.

EDIT: IMHO this non-news is possibly a dispute between William (who has stronger birth rights which needs to be stuck with) and Harry (who doesn't), both of whom My Friend accept as decent people.
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