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Potemkin wrote:I've always been open-minded when it comes to popular culture. A lot of 'high culture' is incompetent rubbish, and a lot of 'popular culture' is brilliantly done. Except modern pop music though. It's almost entirely egregious crap aimed at obnoxious teens. Give me Bruckner or Stockhausen any day.

Agreed. I like some of the stupid pop though, probably sentimental reasons.

I like Nessum Dorma.
MistyTiger wrote:Agreed. I like some of the stupid pop though, probably sentimental reasons.

I like Nessum Dorma.

So do I, MT. :)

By the way @skinster, here's another good one from Anton B. ....

The producers of Quartermass and the Pit may have drawn some inspiration from the 1939 novel The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West, set in Hollywood, in which a city depicted as sick with vanity and perversity succumbs to a violent mob during a movie premiere.

James F. Light suggests that West's use of mob violence in the novel is an expression of anxiety about the rise of fascism in Europe.
Another masterpiece from Anton B. for you, @skinster....

The slow movement of the Seventh is particularly famous - Bruckner was a close friend of Wagner, and composed the slow movement of this symphony as a tribute to Wagner as he lay dying. Legend has it that when news reached Bruckner that his friend had finally died, he inserted a cymbal clash into the score at the climax of the slow movement. That movement has had great cultural significance in Germany ever since. For example, it was the music played over the radio just before the German government announced Hitler's death in 1945. Astute listeners guessed what the news would be as soon as the music started playing. Lol.
Wellsy wrote:I heard a good case made for what marks a truly tragically and terrible film

Highlander 2?
skinster wrote:Thanks @Potemkin, I'm listening to them all. 8)

You're in for a treat, @skinster. Hugo Wolf once said that, "One single cymbal crash by Bruckner is worth all the four symphonies of Brahms with the serenades thrown in." Lol. ;)

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